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What To Pack For Your Destination Wedding


So, you’ve booked your destination wedding, you’ve planned everything and all your friends and family can’t wait to begin this adventure with you. Of course, before you can take your vows in whatever idyllic location you’ve chosen, there’s one final task that awaits and that’s packing. As much as we’d all like a bag that’s as magical as Mary Poppins’ for this moment, I’m sorry to say that’s just not possible. However, my guide looking at what to pack for your destination wedding might just get you to check-in without headaches…


Think about what clothes to take for your destination wedding. Image by Amanda Karen Photography



Obviously these are real must-pack items! Most airlines will find some space in the cabin to hang up wedding dresses but quite often, the guys aren’t as lucky with their ensembles. Consider packing your suit in a cabin-sized case so it can stay with you, wrap wedding shoes in t-shirts to prevent them getting marked in your bag and carry any delicate accessories and your wedding rings in your hand luggage. Sheets and sheets of tissue paper will also come in handy – fold your precious clothes around them to prevent creases.



If you’re heading to hotter climes for your wedding then make sure that your skincare kit has got everything you need to cope with the change in temperatures. Face cream with an appropriate SPF is a must and if it’s also mattifying, so much the better. A great lip balm is also essential in the sun and a body lotion will keep your skin super soft, even if you’re taking regular dips in the pool!


Our advice on what to pack for your destination wedding



Now this doesn’t sound exciting but you absolutely must find room in your luggage for all the paperwork that you’ll need. Confirm in advance exactly what’s required so you can be sure that you’ve got everything with you. Obviously you’ll have your passport with you but some locations require birth certificates, proofs of address and more. Also, printing copies of supplier contracts and taking those with you can also be a good idea as well as emergency contact numbers for your insurers and other crucial suppliers.


Wedding Details

If you’re taking decorations or wedding day details with you, pack these carefully in your hold luggage. Any stationery items should be packed in a sturdy box to keep them flat and obviously fragile items such as cake toppers need to be well wrapped in bubble wrap. To save on weight, you could consider buying local gifts to use as favours or as presents for parents or even sharing the load between members of the wedding party.


Dancing in the sunset for a destination wedding. Image by Amanda Karen Photography


Emergency Kit

Everyone needs a wedding emergency kit so make sure that you take one with you, especially if you’re going to an area that you don’t know or one where you can’t speak the language fluently. Insect repellant, painkillers, antiseptic cream, aloe vera gel for sunburns and meds for upset tummies don’t take up much space but, should the worst come to the worst, you’ll be so glad you packed them. Also, don’t forget the baby wipes to get any marks or stains off your dress and clear nail polish as it’s a miracle fix for any loose sequins on your gown.

After those essentials, you’re left to pack clothes and essentials as you would for any holiday but, if you’re stuck, this checklist on Flyaway Bride is the perfect packing assistant!


Until next time,

Amanda x