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Wedding Venue Pre-Wedding Checklist


Wedding venue checklist


Welcome back to the blog and today our wedding venue mini-series draws to a close with a bit of a must-read feature. This is a post to bookmark and come back to when you’ve got a few months to go to your wedding so you can be sure that your venue has all the info they need. It’s also a handy reminder of all the details that you might need to confirm before the big day.

It’s really important to keep your wedding venue in the loop with your plans. Of course, you don’t need to email them every time you pin something new to your secret wedding Pinterest board but they need plenty of information come the big day to be able to run it perfectly. It’s crucial that you take the time to convey all the important points because this helps ensure that the day runs smoothly and you won’t have to answer questions when you should be celebrating.

So, here’s a guide to all the key areas – most venues will go through all of this with you at your pre-wedding meeting but you might like to have this list to hand to prompt you. Alternatively, compile all your answers and send it through to your venue in writing. It doesn’t matter how you tell them, just make sure that you do!


  • Timings – to keep your day moving as you’ve planned, your venue absolutely must know your timings and then they can be the ones keeping an eye on the clock, not you! These are the areas you need to cover:
    • When you’ll be delivering any items in the week/day before the wedding.
    • When you’ll be arriving at the venue yourself.
    • Confirm times suppliers are arriving (florist, hair & makeup, photographer, entertainment etc.).
    • Guest arrival times.
    • The time of your ceremony.
    • Timings for the drinks reception and photographs.
    • When you’d like dinner to be announced.
    • Timings for dinner, cake cutting, speeches, first dance, evening food, last dance and the departure of the guests.


  • Suppliers – of course your suppliers are your wedding dream team and they’re great at what they do. When suppliers and venues can work together for you, it makes the whole process so much easier! Be sure to pass on:
    • The names and contact numbers for all of your wedding day suppliers – this will ensure that the venue can contact all of your suppliers ahead of time to confirm anything that they’re especially keen to know.
    • Food/drink arrangements or requirements of suppliers.
    • Parking requirements for suppliers such as bands and DJs who have equipment to move.
    • Any particular supplier requirements such as power or access on the following day for breakdown/collection of any items.


  • Guests – your venue will want your guests to enjoy themselves so it’s important that the venue staff know as much as possible about them:
    • Confirm guest numbers, menus and drinks.
    • Any special dietary requirements including the names of guests with food allergies/intolerances or that that require child meals.
    • Anything the venue might need to know to help specific guests – guests with young children who might need feeding/changing space, elderly guests with mobility or hearing issues for example.
    • It’s also wise to let your venue know if there’s anything that might crop up on the day so although it can be hard to talk about family issues for example, it’s so much better to let your venue staff know so that they can manage everything sensitively on the day.


  • All the little details – no-one knows your wedding plans quite like you do and all weddings are different so if there’s anything at all that you even think your venue needs to know, tell them! Here are a few things to think about:
    • If you’ve organised any surprises or unusual additions to the wedding day, go through everything with your venue.
    • List any items that you’d like kept or saved from the day as mementoes or decorative props that will be collected by suppliers after the wedding.
    • How you want guest tables and any decorations set up if your venue is setting everything up for you.
    • Who they should speak to on the day if they need to know anything else (hint – this shouldn’t be you!)


Obviously, the list of things to tell your venue could be pretty extensive – our advice would be to take some time to mentally walk through your whole day, noting all the important points, before your pre-wedding meeting so that you can be sure that you’ve got everything you need. But, most of all, relax – your wedding venue and your suppliers are there for you. Ask them questions, talk to them but most of all, know that they’ll be working in your best interests all day long.

Until next time,

Amanda x