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Wedding skincare tips from U and Your Skin


I’m so excited to have Louise from U and Your Skin on the blog today to talk about wedding skincare and the best way to prepare your skin for the big day.  One thing I have learnt about from Louise is that it’s better to get in to a positive routine with your skin than it is to try and fix problem areas.  Before Louise, I wasn’t very good with my skincare regime, but she has shown me the way and I can say it’s made a huge difference!

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Six Months Before: Start A Good Cleansing regime

“Six months is the perfect amount of time to ensure that your skin is clear, smooth and glowing for the big day,” explains Louise Thomas – Minns, who recommends following a gentle, non-drying cleanser with a hyaluronic rich moisturiser as part of a daily regime.

For an added boost, start to incorporate skin serums. “When used under a moisturiser they are able to penetrate deep within the skin for maximum performance and results,” says Louise. ‘You really need to give these at least 30 days to start to have the full effect.”

Three Months Before: Up Your Antioxidant Intake

Forget the clichés—a beautiful complexion is anything but skin deep. Gorgeous skin actually starts on the inside and this has always been part of Louise’s signature facial philosophy.  Louise recommends adding beauty-boosting power foods a few months before your walk down the aisle. Berries, for example, are loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that slow the aging process. Dark skinned grapes boast more than 20 age-defying antioxidants. Anti-aging citrus fruits, carrots and sweet potatoes contain skin-enhancing vitamins.

Wedding skin care is also about healthy living

One Week Before: Prevent Blemishes

As stress increases, so does the chance for breakouts. To keep skin clog-free, exfoliation is key. “Keeping dead skin cells to  a minimum will lessen clogged pores and blemishes and help fade post-breakout scars,” explains Louise, who loves to use products with exfoliating acids and enzymes.

Counteract bacteria with products that include salicylic acid and don’t forget to hydrate. “If you’re prone to blemishes, your skin needs water-based moisture to keep cells healthy to discourage dead skin cell build-up,” she says.

One Day Before: Exfoliate, Hydrate and Get Your Beauty Sleep!

“Using a gentle exfoliant the day before your wedding will ensure that new, healthy cells are regenerated and your makeup will glide on silky smooth,” says Louise.

And don’t forget to get a good night’s rest. “Sleep is not only important to keep dark circles at bay, but it is also the time when your body is most metabolically active. It’s when it rids itself of toxins which would otherwise wreak havoc with your skin,” she says. “Sleep also lowers stress, the number one aggravator of acne!”

The Day Of: De-puff and Control Shine

When your big day finally arrives, cruise through it radiantly by controlling shine and keeping puffiness to a minimum. “The simplest, fastest, no-fuss way to manage shine and wedding day perspiration is to blot–not wipe–the skin with tissue,” says Louise. “This will instantly absorb oil and moisture to keep the skin looking matte.”

And if you wake up feeling puffy, head to the fridge. “When you are nervous it can cause increased blood flow to the skin,” says Louise, who recommends keeping skincare products in the fridge to keep them and you cool. “Running your wrists under cold water is also a great way to instantly de puff and calm the senses.”

A good wedding skin care regime leads to a glowing bride

Thanks for that invaluable advice Louise!

Until next time,

Amanda x

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