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Wedding planning: advice for the morning of your wedding


Your wedding day is super special from the moment that you open your eyes in the morning. As your wedding photographers, it’s our job to capture all of those never-to-be-repeated highlights and put together a complete record of your day. And, as your wedding day story starts well before the ceremony itself, we’ll be with you on the morning of your wedding too. So, whether you’re getting ready with all the girls or keeping things calm, here are a few things you need to know…


The morning of your wedding is a time to capture those details of you getting ready. Image by Amanda Karen Photography


We wrote about the importance of light on your wedding day just recently and light is also key for the morning of your wedding. Of course, we love beautiful, light spaces for photography but trust us when we tell you, that hair and makeup artists love the light as much as we do. It’s so much easier for them to do their best in natural light so when you’re choosing where to get ready, think light!

Also, do try and keep things tidy on the morning of the wedding. Now, we don’t expect to see you tidying up when you should be enjoying yourself (although you might spot us having a quick clear up!) but when so many people are in the same space, keeping things organised cuts down on stress and we can be sure that we’ll have great backgrounds for every shot.


Think about where you will put on your wedding dress on the morning of your wedding. Image by Amanda Karen Photography


If you’d like to have a bit of a ‘wow’ moment, then how about putting on your dress in a different room so that you can have a ‘big reveal’ to your Mum, Dad or bridesmaids? Honestly, we’ve seen some really amazing moments recently when the bride has done just this. Think tears, squeals of joy and all kinds of excitement!

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, then do let you hair and/or makeup artist know because many will love to stay and help you get into your dress so that you can then surprise the rest of your support party. Of course, wedding pros know a thing or two about wedding gowns so however complicated your dress might be, they’ll know just how to get you into it with the minimum of fuss.

The morning of the wedding is also a great time for the guys as well so do spend some time discussing how they’ll spend those pre-ceremony hours too. As we’re a photography team, we can split up so your wedding photos will also include shots of the groom and groomsmen on the morning of the wedding. We did tell you we like to capture everything!


Of course the boys will need some attention on the morning of your wedding too! Image by Amanda Karen Photography


We’ve seen guys enjoy gym sessions, quick rounds of golf, some man-spa pampering and long delicious breakfasts before getting themselves ready. They should absolutely enjoy the wedding morning too and we often get some truly brilliant candid bromance shots here.

Lastly, make sure that you leave yourself plenty of time on the morning of your wedding. The only thing that will stop you enjoying yourself is time pressure. Put together a running order for the morning – who’s having their hair and make-up done first, who’ll be getting dressed when and also note down when you’ll eat something. Aim to be ready half an hour before you plan to leave for your ceremony. This gives you a little extra time if things take a longer than your expected and it makes sure that we’ve got time for some more all-important photos.

We love wedding day mornings and we want you to love yours too.

Until next time,

Amanda x