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Wedding planning: first look photography


To be honest, we’re not huge fans of ‘trends’ in wedding photography – we’d much rather provide you with timeless images that you’re going to adore for years. However, there’s one trend that we really do approve of and that’s the ‘first look’. In fact, we’re so in love with emotional and memorable first looks that we’ve written an entire feature singing their praises…

If you’ve spent any time online planning your wedding then you might have already come across the term ‘first look’. More and more first look images are appearing in real wedding features on blogs and in magazines and Pinterest is absolutely full of beautiful first look images that will make you sigh with happiness and possibly shed a tear or two.

This year, we’ve been thrilled to witness more and more first looks as our wonderful clients have embraced this new trend. In short, a ‘first look’ is a moment before the wedding ceremony where the bride and groom meet in private. This is your ‘first look’ at each other on your wedding day and, as you can probably imagine, it’s super emotional.

Lots of our clients have loved the privacy and intimacy of this moment and some find that seeing their partner before the ceremony gets rid of all those wedding day nerves. Whatever your reasons for including a first look in your wedding day, we can tell you now that they make for truly fantastic photos!

Obviously, to make a first look as special as possible, it needs a little bit of planning. You’ll need to adjust your timings to make room for this in the pre-ceremony schedule (please don’t keep your officiants waiting!) and you’ll also need to select a suitable spot so that your first look takes place well away from prying eyes.

If you were planning on writing a letter to your partner for them to read on the morning of the wedding or giving them a personal gift, then your first look can be the ideal time to hand deliver your heartfelt note or present. Again, do let us know your plans so that we’re totally prepped to capture these never-to-be-repeated moments.


first look photography


Another alternative to the ‘first look’ is the ‘first touch’ and this really isn’t as strange as it might sound. If you’re keen to preserve that moment of seeing your partner until the ceremony itself but would still like a meeting (of sorts!) before that moment then the ‘first touch’ could be the perfect compromise.

Instead of a face to face, you could simply hold hands around a corner so that you have the reassurance of contact with your beloved without seeing them before you take your vows. These moments really are something special.

It’s safe to say that we hope first looks are here to stay! We love coming up with creative ideas for our clients so if you’d like to talk through your plans or ask us any questions about locations or timings, do get in touch.

Until next time,

Amanda x

PS: this gorgeous first look involved reading love letters to each other, beautifully written in calligraphy by Moon and Tide