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Wedding planners share their top tips for your wedding

Welcome to the first of our industry expert series, this is where we have dipped into our little black book of awesome contacts, to bring you the top wedding planning tips, straight from an amazing group of wedding planners (wonder what the collective is for a group of wedding planners?!  Not sure, but having spent last night with a few, it sure was fun!)

Anyway, I’m not going to babble on too much, just hand you straight over to experts themselves…  And if you want to check out their work and how they can help you, click their business name, it’ll take you straight to their website.


Wedding planner tips, Italian wedding photography, image by London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography



Events by Keenda

“My tip would be decide what element of the wedding is important to you and bespoke it to you as a couple. For example is it the food, music or venue? Then use that as a baseline to plan your big day, making it memorable and so unique to you that your guests will be like “that was so them



Occasion Queens

“My top tip – don’t put your heart and soul into the planning of your wedding and then not think about how all your hard work will come together on the day! Make sure you trust that the people setting it up (that doesn’t include your venue coordinator as they might not actually be the ones doing it!) know exactly what you want and how it is to look! That is just as important as the colour of your flowers!!”


Wedding planner tips, Italian wedding photography, image by London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography



 Carmela Weddings

There are no rules – do it your way!  You can have so much fun on your wedding day if you allow your creativity to flourish, so think outside the box, find a planner that shares your style and make sure your day is 100% you!”



Emily Andrew Events

…Consider your guests in your plans… You are inviting your friends and family to celebrate with you and to enjoy your hospitality so consider keeping your guests comfortable and happy during your wedding so they leave your special day with nothing but the fondest of memories. By this I mean a couple of things, firstly, think about keeping them fueled with refreshments – hungry and thirsty guests will get uncooperative and irritable. Always remember to provide non-alcoholic hydration and another top tip is to make sure your guests know (roughly) when they will be fed – this is especially useful if you have children at your wedding. Secondly, think about making your guests feel comfortable, so consider seating arrangements, flip flops for dancing, pashminas and blankets for the evenings, well lit walkways and heating/cooling.”


Wedding planner tips, Italian wedding photography, image by London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography



Emma Turner Weddings

“My top tip would be before you do anything decide on how much you want to spend on your wedding day.

And work out what’s most important to you, food? entertainment? venue? Or maybe it’s all about the dress. But know where you want to spend the bulk of your money. Then work everything back from there.”



Devine Bride

“Do what you want, and what feels right and natural to you as a couple.  It’s not you mum of MIL’s wedding, they’ve had their chance and you won’t get the chance again – it’s your wedding, so do things your way!  Don’t be pressured into having a cake if you don’t want one, and make sure you don’t have any wedding regrets due to family politics or peer pressure.  Likewise if a supplier makes you nervous or makes you feel uneasy, step away.”


Wedding planner tips, Italian wedding photography, image by London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography



Charlotte Nichols Weddings

“My top tip when it comes to planning your wedding would be don’t sweat the small stuff. It is so easy throughout the planning process to get caught up in minor details, family stresses and trying to please everyone. It’s always important to take a step back and just remember what the day is all about – you and your partner celebrating your future together. In everything that you do remember that it is your day, and honestly the more personal your celebrations feel, the more your guests will love it. If you’re anything like me you’ll be worrying about the colours of your flowers not tying in with the rest of the wedding design, your hair not doing what you want it to, and whether everyone will like the wine that you’ve chosen. Well at the end of the day, none of it really matters, and you are the only one that will notice any of these little details. Make it all about love, happiness and celebration and there is no doubt that it will be a day to remember.”



Perfectly Planned 4 You

“When it comes to wedding planning there’s no right or wrong way to do it, I advise my couples to take it one step at a time. Start by putting together a wedding planning schedule and do things one by one, in a logical order. Don’t book a venue before you have an idea of number of guests or hire any suppliers before you’ve confirmed your date.”


Hiring a wedding planner can really take the pressure off your big day, it’s not just something for the rich and famous – they are worth their weight in gold, helping find the perfect suppliers, bring your vision to life and ensure that it all runs smoothly on the day.  And I promise you, wedding planners aren’t just for the rich and famous

Until next time,

Amanda x