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A wedding planner and a wedding stylist – the difference!

Welcome to another month here on the blog and over the coming weeks, we’re concentrating on everything related to wedding planners and wedding stylists. Today, I’m going to introduce you to these super professionals, explain how they can help you and which one you need to book…


Wedding planner, wedding stylist -pale blue and peach wedding table, London wedding photographer. Image by Amanda Karen Photographer


Wedding planners and wedding stylists

Firstly, let’s be clear – wedding planners and wedding stylists are not one and the same. Yes, a planner might well help you with the styling of your wedding and yes, a stylist might be able to make recommendations for certain suppliers but the roles they perform are very different indeed.

A wedding planner does just that – they plan your wedding. Whether they take the lead throughout the planning process for you or whether they help you in the build up or on the day, planners plan. These are the professionals who love spreadsheets and timelines. They will liaise with suppliers, check contracts and quotations, arrange meetings for you, deal with queries, keep you on track with decisions and basically take on all the wedding admin for you.

A wedding stylist is all about the visual. These are the creatives who can bring your wedding vision to life. They’ll create moodboards and styling plans. They’ll be your BFF on Pinterest and they’ll know where to look and where to shop for all the props and accessories that you dream about. They might well work alongside other suppliers but only those who are directly linked to the style and look of your wedding.


Wedding planner, wedding stylist -pale blue and peach wedding table, London wedding photographer. Image by Amanda Karen Photographer


Do you need a wedding planner or a stylist?

If you’re super busy, if you know that admin and organisation aren’t your forte or if you’re marrying in an area you don’t know that well, a planner can be worth their weight in gold. They’ve got the know-how and the contacts and the experience to bring it all together for you.

Wedding planners are also pretty much essential if you’re marrying at a blank canvas venue or in a marquee/tipi where absolutely everything needs to be brought in just for your day. They’ll be on hand in the days before the wedding to check-in suppliers and oversee the set-up and they can be there afterwards to make sure everything is tidied away. Your planner will also be your saving grace on the day, as they’ll manage the whole event for you.

A wedding stylist is for you if you’ve got a really specific stylistic vision you want to bring to life or if you’ve got no idea where to start. If you love the thought of crafting and creating yourself and if the prospect of dressing your venue makes you smile then you probably don’t need a wedding stylist. A great stylist can basically bring your Pinterest boards to life and they’ll give you the wedding that you’ve been dreaming about.


Wedding planner, wedding stylist -pale blue and peach wedding table, London wedding photographer. Image by Amanda Karen Photographer


Where to find your wedding planner or stylist

Finding the right wedding planner or stylist is really important. You need to work with someone who you trust, who makes you feel confident and who’s on your wavelength. Don’t choose your planner or stylist just because you’ve seen them in magazines or on blogs. Choose the professional that reflects who you are and who you connect with.

The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners is a good place to start when you’re looking for a planner but spend some time on social media too. Who has a persona that you love? Who shares snippets that make you smile? Social media really does give you quite an insight into someone’s personality so don’t just look at a planner’s website – click through to their social feeds too. Every planner has a different style and different strengths – look for someone who, without sounding cheesy, completes you.

When it comes to stylists, Internet searches, blogs and magazines are a good starting point. However, look for stylists who showcase work from real weddings, not just from styled shoots. Bringing everything together on a budget and on a wedding day is a different skill from making a table on a styled shoot look amazing. Styled shoots have their place – they show a stylist’s creativity and style – but make sure they’ve got true wedding day experience too.

So, that’s a quick overview of the work of planners and stylists. I’ll soon be sharing our essential pre-wedding checklist of questions to ask so come back soon!

Until next time,

Amanda x