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A wedding planner is not just for the rich and famous


Lisa from Caremla Weddings explains why a wedding planner isn't just for the rich and famousHappy Wednesday everyone!  Today I have the super lovely and very stylish Lisa from Carmela Weddings on the blog today explaining why wedding planners aren’t just for the rich and famous anymore!

Lisa is one half of Carmela Weddings (hubby Sam is the other half) and they specialise in weddings that exude style, have no rules and completely represent each couple… Just the sort of wedding we love!

So without further ado, here is Lisa…


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Times are changing in the world of weddings – budgets are going up, wedding ceremonies and receptions are becoming more bespoke and much more personal to each couple and the use of a wedding planner is on the rise.

It’s true that in the UK at least, using a wedding planner used to be viewed as an elaborate expense reserved only for royals, very rich people or famous people. Not so in the US however, where over half of couples getting married choose to hire a planner to bring their vision to life and make it all run smoothly and it’s been like that across the pond for some time. The UK is certainly starting to follow suit and I think there are three main reasons for this.

The first is money. Wedding budgets are growing. When couples are spending an average of £35k on their wedding day, they quite rightly want to make sure it’s money well spent! For every other big purchase in life, you hire an expert in the field to make sure you’re getting the best deal and weddings really shouldn’t be any different.

In fact, what most people don’t realise is that a wedding planner can actually save you money, sometimes more than we actually cost. One reason for this is because a good planner with have excellent relationships with suppliers and although planners don’t take commission (well, the ethical ones anyway!), a supplier will sometimes offer a discounted rate instead of the commission which can then be passed onto the couple. Once you add in the same for a venue, florist, photographer and other suppliers, you can see how these savings can add up.


A wedding planner isn't just for the rich and famous


The other way a wedding planner saves you money is by helping you keep control of your budget. Almost all couples that don’t use a planner go over their wedding budget. A planner won’t allow this to happen – they have experience in apportioning the right amount of the budget to the various suppliers and will know which suppliers to suggest that are right for your price point. A planner should be able to help you work out the priorities for your wedding and put the money into those areas while saving on other areas that might be unnecessary expenses.

Time is definitely a factor when deciding to use a wedding planner. Most of our couples have decided to use us because they just don’t have the time to dedicate to their planning to make sure their day is perfect. Life is so much busier than it used to be with various work and home pressures meaning Brides (because realistically, they are usually the ones planning the wedding) just don’t have the time for endless meetings with suppliers, hours of research and wedding admin. Just finding time to go through all those Pinterest boards is hard enough! A planner can take the stress out of it all and make it more enjoyable as couples can plan the parts of the wedding they like but delegate the less fun tasks such as RSVPS or timelines and checklists to the planner.

I think the third reason for the increasing use of wedding planners is the fact that weddings are becoming so bespoke. Couples see so many ideas now on social media and they don’t want the cookie cutter wedding that everyone used to have 10 years ago. With so many Pinterest and Instagram images, it can become overwhelming. Couples want to create a wedding day that shows who they are, their personalities and what they love. They want their own stamp on this day that is all about them and their relationship. Planners know how to take those unique traits and passions of each couple and design a wedding day that shows them off. A planner lives and breathes weddings and will always be looking to do something different and unique so can bring hundreds of ideas to the table but after getting to know a couple, will also know which ideas are the right ideas for that particular couple. We’re usually creative types so like a challenge!


A wedding planner isn't just for the rich and famous


I do hope that the current rising trend of hiring a planner continues to grow. Planning your wedding should be a really fun time in your life but unfortunately for many it’s fraught with stress and even arguments as one party feels the other isn’t helping with the planning as much as they should and planners take that away. That kind of peace of mind is surely not just for the rich and famous, eh?

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In addition to full wedding planning, Lisa and Sam offer inspiration sessions which are great for helping you on particular issues, regardless of where you are in your wedding planning.

Until next time,

Amanda x