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Wedding planning: why light is so important for wedding photography


If there’s one thing that gets wedding photographers excited, it’s light. We can talk about it, worry about it and fall in love with it time after time after time. Light is what makes a great wedding photograph spectacular and light is absolutely crucial if you want to recreate those gorgeous images that you see on blogs and in print. So, here’s everything you need to know about light…


Shade and light are important for wedding photography



Firstly, let’s set the record straight – considering the timings of your wedding day doesn’t mean that you’re going to become a slave to the clock. Instead, thinking about timings in advance means that you’re more able to relax and enjoy the day knowing that everything will happen at the right moment.

Obviously, ceremony times, travel times and reception times are all up to you. Your caterers will have an input into timings when they know what style of wedding breakfast you’re planning and of course, we’re very happy to advice on timings that relate to wedding photography. We’ll be publishing features soon looking at getting ready on the morning of your wedding, group photos, couples photos, first looks and church/civil ceremonies but don’t just guess how much time you’ll need for any element of your day, particularly the group photos and your couples portraits. Chat with your key suppliers, draft your schedule and make sure that everyone’s happy with it well before the wedding day.


Golden Hour

When you look at those stunning, romantic wedding photos that are full of warm colours and shooting shafts of light that make you swoon a little, we bet we know what time those images were taken.

Yes, for those gorgeous shots, you need Golden Hour. This is the magic hour before the sun sets when the light is soft and incredibly beautiful. Golden hour is when you want to sneak away with your partner (and us of course!) for some couples photos that other brides will be pinning as they plan their weddings.

Obviously, you can’t just get up and walk out of your wedding breakfast (especially when the speeches are taking place!), which is why it’s so important to really consider your timings. In an ideal world, we’ll be able to disappear in the gap between your dinner and evening reception for a private photoshoot and, with a little help from all your suppliers, you can make sure that you’re able to escape during Golden Hour.


Golden hour is magical for your wedding photography


The Importance of Shade

Now, you might have planned all kinds of outdoor fun for your wedding day, especially if you’re hosting a summer celebration. You know the dream – drinks, canapés, music, entertainment and photos on the lawns or in gorgeous gardens or fields. That sounds pretty great doesn’t it?

But just hold on a minute, before you get too carried away, please can we put in a request for shade?

When you’re scouting your venue and making your plans, do make ensure that there’s somewhere shaded for group photos. It’s an absolute wedding essential and a real must-have for fantastic photos.

Firstly, shade will make sure that your beautiful guests aren’t all squinting in the group photos because, let’s be honest, that’s not a great look. Shade also allows the colours, patterns and details on dresses and outfits look their best so we can capture everyone and everything to perfection.

Finally, remember that your group photos can take some time to get through and we don’t want you wilting in the heat and sun. Let’s find some cool cool shade and tuck ourselves away while we photograph all those people who are most important to you.


Shade provides a onsistent light for gorgeous wedding photography


Every Cloud…

So, after all the planning and all the watching of weather forecasts, we all know that the weather is completely beyond anyone’s control. But, before you despair at the sight of clouds on your wedding day, remember that every cloud has a silver lining. We wedding photographers can work wonders with slinky camera settings and techno-wizardry so however overcast it may be, we promise you that your photos will be all kinds of fabulous.

Want to talk more about wedding photography and how we can create stunning images of your big day then please don’t wait to contact us.

Until next time,

Amanda x