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Why A Wedding Photographer Is Important To Your Day

I should warn you now that I’m going to have to work really hard to not let this feature become a super long essay! You see, as a wedding photographer who it totally in love with what she does, I believe wholeheartedly that a fantastic wedding photographer is important to your day. In fact, I utterly convinced that a wedding photographer is essential and here’s why…

Let’s start with the obvious reasons and whilst they might be obvious, they’re all pretty compelling.

Firstly, you only get to have this day once so when people tell you that your wedding is ‘once in a lifetime’, they’re absolutely right. Whatever happens on this day, you’ll never get to repeat it. So, all of those amazing reactions and those precious moments will never happen again. Your photographer can capture everything for you so that you can replay your day over and over again whenever you like. To put yourself right back there, all you need to do is look at your wedding photographs.


Why A Wedding Photographer Is Important To Your Day - Amanda Karen Photography - London wedding photography - Great Fosters Wedding Photographer


You’ll also have spent months or years planning this day. You’ll have made decisions, compromises and even sacrifices to create the wedding day that you want. Your hard work, effort and absolute brilliance deserve to be recorded. If you’ve crafted little details, agonised over choices or included elements that are particularly meaningful to you, your wedding photographer will make sure they don’t go unnoticed.

Of course, however much you love the look of your wedding, you’ll love the people that spend it with you even more. Your wedding gives you fabulous photos of your friends and family and I know from speaking to previous clients that sometimes, it’s these images that mean the most. We’re all too painfully aware that life doesn’t always go smoothly and sometimes, we lose those we love the most. Having wonderful photos from a happy day can mean more than you could ever imagine.

It’s also true that your wedding photos are quite often the only tangible things you have left after the big day is over. The food has been eaten, the drinks have been drunk, the decorations have been taken down and all the entertainment is over. Your photos are always there to remind you that this fabulous, special and unrepeatable day happened and you were the star.


Why A Wedding Photographer Is Important To Your Day - Amanda Karen Photography - London wedding photography - Great Fosters Wedding Photographer


Now, if those are the reasons that everyone always mentions, there’s another that doesn’t get talked about quite so often. And this one goes way beyond the provision of a service.

Quite simply, your wedding photographer can give you so much more than photos.

Your photographer can be a brilliant source of advice and assistance when you’re planning. If you’re wondering about your timeline or schedule for the day, ask your photographer. If you’re not sure about group photos or how to make your couple’s portraits memorable, ask your photographer. If you need recommendations for suppliers or if there’s a burning wedding question that you just need answering, ask your photographer. We love to help and if we can make your life that bit easier, it’s our pleasure to do just that.  In fact, we have started a facebook group just for couples to join so they can ask all these things without being sold to!


Why A Wedding Photographer Is Important To Your Day - Amanda Karen Photography - London wedding photography - Great Fosters Wedding Photographer


Your photographer can also give you confidence. I suspect that most of you might be a little worried about your wedding photos. As much as we all like to snap a selfie, the thought of being in front of a camera-wielding professional all day, and on such an important day too, can be quite scary. But don’t worry – your photographer can, and definitely should, make you feel like a million dollars. They can advise you, help you and show you just how ridiculously gorgeous you are. If you tell them of your worries, just watch how quickly they can make those fears disappear.

A fab photographer will also have your best interests at heart. You’ll be amazed at how many little things we do for couples on the big day. From making sure that you’ve got food and drink during the drinks reception while you’re having your photos taken to carrying a rather handy emergency kit that can deal with most eventualities, we’re there on your side.

We’ll also think about the things that you just don’t need to worry about. If it rains, we’ll have already decided on an alternative spot for group photos. If it’s getting dark early, we’ll have planned when to take photos, if you’re dealing with a tricky family situation that makes traditional group shots a no-go, no problem. We’ll come up with a sensitive solution for you and we’ll make it work on the big day too. With an ace photographer on your wedding day A-team, you really can relax.


Why A Wedding Photographer Is Important To Your Day - Amanda Karen Photography - London wedding photography - Great Fosters Wedding Photographer


A wedding photographer is important. They’re important to have by your side as you plan and on the day itself. And, in years to come, when you’re looking back at your photos or showing them to your children, your photographer will be even more important because they can give you memories.

We have a handful of 2019 weekends left for those still looking for their wedding photographer and the diary is open and waiting for lots of beautiful weddings to fill it, so why not get in touch today so we can arrange a time for a coffee and some cake! 

Until next time,

Amanda x