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Wedding Food and Drink – Advice and tips for your wedding

Welcome to March and welcome to wedding food and drink month here on the blog. After our focus on wedding venues last month, we’re turning our attention to delectable drinks and mouthwatering menus. So, if you’re looking forward to a delicious wedding breakfast, this is the feature for you…

There’s no doubting the fact that the food and drink that you serve at your wedding can be a definite highlight of the day. Sharing a feast has long been a way of celebrating momentous occasions so it’s absolutely fitting that you do this on your wedding day. However, the days of overly formal silver service or buffets with long queues and rather predictable offerings are long gone. Wedding food and drink is now totally brilliant.


Wedding food and drink fine dining wedding food by the Town Hall Hotel. Images by Amanda Karen Photography


Wedding Food and Drink – Things To Remember

Today’s feature is not going to tell you what to put on your menu (although we will be sharing a foodie inspiration post soon) but instead, we’re sharing lots of practical advice that will allow you to plan like a pro. Let’s start with the most important things to keep in mind when you’re finalising your wedding food and drink:

  • Serving a three-course meal (or even managing wedding buffets) takes time. Always speak to your caterer to make sure that your timings for the day are realistic.
  • If you’re hoping to serve your wedding cake as a dessert or even with coffee after the meal, you’ll need to schedule your ceremonial cake-cutting at a point that will give your caterer time to cut and portion your cake to serve. Either before the starter or before the starter and main course tends to work well.
  • Caterers can usually provide cheaper meals for suppliers so do ask about options. However, do remember that your suppliers are working long hours and a hot meal is always greatly appreciated!
  • Attending a wedding menu tasting with your caterer is a great idea and can really set your mind at rest about your chosen menu. If your venue or caterer has lists of options for various packages or price points, there’s often flexibility to combine items and mix and match so do ask.
  • Consider when and where you’re getting married when you’re planning. For example, a venue that comes with a complete kitchen makes life easy for a caterer. If you’ve opted for a marquee wedding, caterers will need to bring in equipment, which can really add up if you choose a complicated menu. Seasonal food always works well and gives your menu a real focus.


Wedding food and drink - wedding cocktail bar. Images by Amanda Karen Photography


Wedding Food and Drink – Making The Most Of Your Budget

For most couples, the cost of food and drink accounts for a large portion of their wedding budget. Here are a few ideas about making the most from your budget:

  • Some foods like lobster or top quality meats are always going to be expensive. Serve smaller portions in a starter rather than having larger amounts in a main course.
  • Check if you can bring your own drinks to your wedding. However, do always factor in the corkage cost to make sure that you’re actually saving money!
  • One of the easiest ways to cut costs is to cut your guest list because simple maths says that 75 guests will cost you less than 125 guests. Host an intimate wedding breakfast and then throw open the doors for a larger evening party.
  • Resist the temptation to over-cater. Do you really need lots of canapés, a three-course meal, cake and then a huge evening buffet? If you serve more substantial canapés, no one will miss starters…
  • Another great way to save money on your food and drink is to marry later in the day! A later afternoon ceremony followed by dinner and a little cake or a cheeseboard later in the evening will be indulgent, memorable and great for your budget.


Wedding food and drink - wedding canapes by Kalm Kitchen. Images by Amanda Karen Photography


Wedding Food and Drink – Quantities

If you’re planning your menu, here’s a quick run-down of average quantities for wedding food & drink:

  • Canapés – approximately 5 canapés per person per hour.
  • Toast drinks – there are 6-8 glasses of bubbly in a standard size bottle.
  • Wine with the meal – most caterers’ standard allowance is half a bottle per person. That said, you know your friends and family best!

There’s a great wedding drinks planner on the Majestic Wine Warehouse website including a really handy calculator to help you plan amounts – so handy, especially if you’re buying your own!

Until next time,

Amanda x