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Wedding Details Checklist – everything you need to remember

And another month has passed! We can’t quite believe that it’s already time to bring our wedding details mini-series to a close but it really is. Now don’t be too downcast because, as always, we’re finishing the month with yet another of our totally invaluable pre-wedding checklists. So, save this page now and when your wedding comes around, you’ll be totally prepared and in control of all of those details.

Unlike the other areas that we’ve already covered, your wedding details are likely to be somewhat trickier. You often managing a number of suppliers, you’re ordering and storing items yourself, transporting them to the venue and either setting them up yourself or trusting someone else to bring your vision to life for you. So, you really need to be super organised because you’re going to be responsible for so much of this!


Wedding details checklist - copper wedding details. Image by London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography


Quotations for wedding details

OK, now when it comes to your wedding details, it’s likely you’re going to be juggling A LOT. It’s also very easy to get click happy when you’re online and ordering wedding details. We know you’re busy and oh-so excited but please, treat all of these orders and purchases with care so here are a few things to keep an eye on when you’re shopping:

  • Sizing – when you’re ordering details and decorations, always check the sizing on the items that you’re ordering. It’s easy to see a photo of something without getting a proper sense of scale. Get your tape measure out if necessary to help your visualise things!
  • Quantities – again, just because there are 10 items in a photo, don’t assume that you’re getting all 10 in your order. Check quantities carefully before you click buy.
  • Colours – if you’re working to a precise palette, take time to check the colours of items with sellers because your version of forest green and theirs might be quite different.
  • Delivery – how long should it take for your items to be delivered? Are you happy with the timescales and where will everything be delivered? If items are going to need your signature and you’re at work all day, think about alternative delivery options.
  • Customs – remember that whilst buying from overseas might look cheap, you are probably going to have to pay VAT, Customs Duty of Excise Duty on anything that’s been sent to you from outside the EU. Take a look here to find out more.
  • Returns – always read through a seller’s refunds/return policy before you order to make sure that you’re happy with the terms and conditions. You never know if you might need to return something so it’s best to be sure.


Wedding details checklist - copper wedding details. Image by London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography


On the wedding day

Of course, everything needs to come together on the big day. Here are a few things that you can do to make sure everything goes smoothly:

  • Create a checklist of everything that you need. Break it into sections so that details for the ceremony, the reception and other parts of the day are separate so you can be sure you have everything.
  • Pack everything carefully and label the boxes/bags on the outside listing what’s to be found within. This will save you time when you’re searching for something.
  • Be specific if other people are setting things up for you. They don’t know the vision that you have in your head unless you tell them so make it really clear what you want.
  • Always pack spares! You never know what might happen so taking spares with you is always a good idea.
  • Accept that some things might not come together exactly as you’d hoped or that details might not have been set up exactly as you’d envisaged. Don’t get hung up on that – think about the big picture and that is you’re getting married!


Wedding details checklist - copper wedding details. Image by London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography


Wedding detail contingencies

By now, you must know that we’re BIG fans of the phrase ‘forewarned is forearmed’ and thinking ahead and planning for all eventualities are just another kind of wedding insurance. Think these things through and you’ll be just fine, whatever happens:

  • Do you need specific things to help you set up? If so, take them with you; don’t assume that your venue will have everything that you need.
  • Setting up will ALWAYS take longer than you expect. Give yourself as much time as possible (and don’t say no to offers of help!)
  • Check that you have absolutely everything you need. Remember candle-holders need candles; anything battery operated needs spare batteries, things that plug in might need extension cables… You know what you’re using so plan carefully.
  • Check timings with other suppliers. You might be planning to start setting up tables at 8am but if your venue or caterers don’t get cloths on tables or tables in position until 9am, you’re going to be kept waiting.


So that’s the end of our look at wedding details. We’ve loved every single pretty minute so we’ll see you here again when we tackle a whole new topic…

Until next time,

Amanda x