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The Organised Bride’s Guide – Wedding Day Emergency Kit


Today, I’m talking about the wedding day emergency kit and why, as an organised bride, they’re an absolute must-have on the big day. So, if you want to know what you need and how your wedding day emergency kit can help you, your bridesmaids and your guests, read on…

Let’s start with the bride’s kit and there’s no doubt that packing this little bag of goodness will help you take any little hiccup in your stride. Firstly, a make-up repair kit is a great idea so you’ll look picture perfect right through the day. Some lipstick in the same shade that your make-up artist uses and even a spot of powder should definitely make it into your kit – do speak to your make-up artist as most will let you have enough to get you through the day. A comb or brush, some hairspray or other styling product could be essential too.


Think about the makeup you need to take with you for your wedding day emergency kit


After the make-up, think of whatever you might need. If it’s a hot day and your shoes are a little tight, some blister plasters could be a good idea. A couple of headache tablets, a mini-perfume or even a tiny deodorant – tailor your personal kit to your own needs. My insider tips are white chalk (great for covering marks on wedding dresses!) and clear nail polish – a quick dab will stop any snags on your clothes getting bigger! A bridesmaid can look after a pretty clutch bag for you so you know exactly where to go when you’re in need (I personally love this Jimmy Choo clutch bag!)

Another fab kit to put together is an emergency kit for the guests. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard friends and family cooing with happiness over comfort packs that organised (and super thoughtful!) brides have left for them in cloakrooms. Again, these kits can be put together with your specific event in mind but I would always include headache tablets, hairspray, deodorant, nude tights, breath mints, tissues and blister plasters. A couple of nail files, lip balm, hair grips and some toupee tape (for keeping clothes in place!) should also make it into your guest emergency kit.


Put wedding day emergency kits in your bathroom for guests


I’ve also seen kits with some flip-flops, Wonder Web or other instant hemming tape, tweezers, indigestion tablets, mini sewing kits, scissors, plasters and antiseptic wipes. For summer weddings, you might like to add in some non-greasy, non-marking sun lotion and, if you’re outside a lot, insect repellant can also be a good idea.

Whilst the guys might not want a kit in a pretty clutch bag, there are still a few things that they should have with them too. A spare tie, spare cufflinks, stain remover wipes, quick shoe shine wipes and a couple of safety pins can help the groom and groomsmen through most outfit issues and again, some headache tablets are a must.

The groomsmen should also have a couple of big umbrellas (for escorting you or guests to and from cars in the event of rain!), numbers of local taxi firms, maps or directions to the reception venue if your ceremony is in another location and, most definitely, a spare copy of the groom’s and best man’s speeches!

I know that the thought of putting these kits together might just seem like too much, especially if you’re close to your wedding day and you already feel like there’s a lot to do but I promise you that knowing you’ve put your wedding day emergency kit together will make you feel a whole lot more organised and, if anything crops up on the day, you’ll be so glad that you took the time. Most of the items that you need can be added to your weekly shop so, if you order your groceries online, fling all of everything into your next order and give yourself a huge pat on the bag for being so brilliant!

Until next time,

Amanda x