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Wedding cake checklist (and your sweet treats!)

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, we’ve totally been indulging our love of cake and sweet treats this month. But, all good (and delicious!) things must come to an end so we’re bringing this mini-series to a close with another of our essential pre-wedding checklists. Bookmark this feature so when the time comes, you absolutely can have you cake and eat it!

We know we’ve said it before but it’s always worth saying it again – it’s vital that you ask questions of your suppliers during the planning process. If there’s something you’re not sure about, something you don’t understand or simply something that you want to clarify, ask. Suppliers don’t take offence – we all just want you to be happy and comfortable with what’s going on so speak up! When you’re dealing with your cake maker or provider of yummy sweet treats, here are a few things you might like to check…


Your wedding cake quotation

This is where your relationship really starts and it’s vital that you get off on the right foot. Your quotation and any terms and conditions that are supplied form the basis of everything so make sure that you’re happy with what’s written down before you move ahead. Here’s our take on what to check:

  • What’s included – if your cake needs a stand of some kind, is this included in the quote? Will you cake maker be on hand to set the cake up for you and will they collect the stand after the even or do you have to return it? Is a tasting and design session included in your quote?
  • Travel – is this included into the quote? Also, will they need a parking space close to your venue for delivery?
  • Payments – when are these due? Always make a note of payment dates and amounts so you don’t miss a deadline
  • Allergies – if you have any specific dietary requirements or allergies, are these clearly noted on your quotation and in the description of the cake to be made? Are you comfortable with your cake maker’s procedures for dealing with these?
  • Dates – if you’re providing anything such as a cake topper or specific decorations, when do these have to be with your cake maker?
  • Extras – cutting cakes or extra tiers can all be provided and if you’ve requested these, are they shown on the quote?


Grey and gold leaf wedding cake. Images by London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography. Dead Dolls House wedding


On the wedding day

The morning of your wedding is not the time to be answering questions from suppliers! Check in with your cake maker before the big day and make sure that they’ve got all the info they need and you know the following details:

  • What time will be they arriving on the day? This is especially important if your florist has to add or provide fresh flowers.
  • Do they know exactly where the cake is to be delivered?
  • If they’re setting the cake up for you, do they need the cake table to be in place before they arrive?
  • Will they leave boxes etc. with your venue/caterers so that unused cake can be stored for you to take home?
  • Do they need to meet someone from the venue to explain how to cut the cake or to pass on any instructions?
  • Have they got absolutely everything they need for the day (including an emergency contact number!)?


Wedding cake contingencies

No one wants to think about cake-based emergencies but we always say it’s best to be prepared. Suppliers are absolutely brilliant at managing everything perfectly but for extra peace of mind, you might just want to check a few last details:


  • If you’re celebrating at home or at a less well-known venue, do they have exact directions?
  • If your cake includes fresh flowers, who’s responsible for ordering them? The cake maker or the florist?
  • Will the cake be ok if the weather is super hot or super chilly? Do you need to do anything differently to keep you cake at its best in extreme temperatures?
  • What do you need to do with your cake if you want to save any of it? Can a tier be frozen for example?


Wedding cake checklist. Grey and gold wedding cake. Image by London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography


Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed this sweet month on the blog as much as we have. We’ll see you very soon for the next mini-series and, in the mean time, let’s eat cake…

Until next time,

Amanda x

Wedding cake by Wildflower Cakes