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Everything you need to know about wedding cake for your big day

Hello again and we just can’t tell you how much we’ve been looking forward to this feature because it’s all about wedding cake! Yes, for the rest of this month, we’re going to be looking at all the sweet treats that are perfect for weddings. So, if you love cake as much as we do then read on because this is all you need to know about wedding cake. This way to your wedding showstopper…


styled wedding cake table with gold and lilac wedding cake. Image by London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography


Why do we have cake at weddings?

If you’re wondering why cake has become a wedding centrepiece over the years, let us enlighten you. Cake was originally included as a symbol of good luck and in fact, there used to be cakes for both the bride and groom. Over time, the groom’s cake died out and the bride’s cake became the wedding cake we know and love.

Wedding cake was also a status symbol – ingredients were expensive and sugar for icing was ridiculously so which meant only super wealthy families could cover a cake in snowy white icing. When Queen Victoria served her lavish wedding cake, the icing that covered it was given a special title – royal icing.


Modern wedding cakes

Over recent years, we’ve all fallen again for cake and wedding cake has definitely undergone a huge transformation. The traditional three-tiered fruit confections covered only in thick white icing are pretty much a thing of the past. Modern wedding cakes are creative, beautiful to look at and absolutely delicious to eat. If you’re about to order your cake, here’s a quick rundown of your options:


Gold leaf wedding cake and lilac icing on a tiered wedding cake. Images by London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography


  • Tiers – three tiers used to be traditional but now, there are no rules. We’ve seen more and more single tier cakes of late as well as many-layered varieties. Tiers supported by pillars aren’t so popular anymore and the stacked look is definitely the one that more and more couples are choosing.
  • Icing – that brittle, break-your-teeth white icing that just screams ‘Nan’s Christmas cake’ is also long gone from wedding cakes. Now buttercream, flavoured frostings or soft fondant icings are much more popular. If you don’t like icing, don’t worry because naked cakes and ‘barely there’ iced designs look amazing.
  • Flavours – if you take a look on any cake maker’s website, you’ll be absolutely blown away by the flavours that are now available. Fruit and vanilla sponge still make the cut but how about red velvet, chocolate fudge, carrot, coffee, lemon or booze inspired varieties? And that’s just the cake – there are endless options for flavoured jams and fillings not to mention yummy buttercreams too. We recommend extensive tasting to find your favourite!
  • Decorations – again, there’s more to cake decoration than icing. Fruits, flowers, cute or personalised cake toppers, metallic coatings, watercolour paintings, jewels and more can all be found on cakes right now. We love seeing all the decorations that our couples choose and don’t worry; we always get lots shots of the cake!


Alternatives to wedding cake

In fact, if you want yet more proof of how far we’ve come in modernising wedding cakes, you only need look at all the great alternatives that are out there now. Couples who don’t like cake or would prefer something different have been indulging themselves and these alternatives are, in our opinion, absolutely mouthwatering:


Alternative wedding cake, French Croquembouche wedding cake alternative. Images by destination wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography


  • Cheese cakes – stacked wheels of your favourite cheese. These make the perfect post-dinner nibble!
  • Individual cakes – cupcakes, macarons and individual portions of wedding cake, yum!
  • Stacks of your favourites – doughnuts, pancakes, fruit pies and even Jaffa cake towers have all been seen at weddings of late.
  • Pork pies – oh yes indeed, the ultimate savoury indulgence and these look amazing!
  • Desserts – instead of cake, beautifully arranged displays of mini desserts are just so tempting.
  • International influences – whether you opt for a French Croquembouche or a Scandinavian Kransekake, you can easily take inspiration from your travels.


Well, we hope this feature has whetted your appetite for what’s to come this month. We’ll see you soon for the next course!

Until next time,

Amanda x