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A is for Albums {A-Z of Wedding Photography Series}

Hello there!

As the 2020 wedding season has sort of gone on hold and therefore with no weddings for the time being to blog, I thought I’d start an A-Z of wedding photography as a way to share tips and advice relating to your wedding photography.  Some letters will have just the one item, other letters I couldn’t narrow it down to just one thing so there will be a few treats in there fore you!

(if you’re reading this in months to come, then I’m hoping we’ll have returned to some sense of normality and we’ll be out the other side of Covid-19)

And given that I’ve been designing a few wedding albums these last few weeks, I think it’s really fitting that A should start with Albums.  If you’ve been following me for a while you may well have picked up that I am a huge champion of wedding albums, something that comes very easy when you see how GORGEOUS the albums we get from Folio are (by far the best in the business!)


A wedding album recently designed from Charlotte and Mark’s wedding last year at That Amazing Place:


stacks of wedding albums on a chair by London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography


Now, my love of albums is probably due to the fact that growing up my parents had shelves of photo albums of us growing up, and from time to time, if a memory is being talked about over dinner, the album comes out and down a rabbit warren of other memories we go.  It takes us back.

You see, there’s just something about having that photo as a tangible print, carefully stored in an album that pulls on the heart strings.  We have our own wedding album, which from time to time we’ve looked at (although maybe not as much as we should as the anniversaries have gone by).

When we meet with potential wedding clients, we bring along a selection of our sample albums as a way to show them how we would capture their day, and again, it feels all the more special seeing it in print and all beautifully bound.  So much nicer than flicking through on an i-Pad screen.

But albums have a sense of longevity about them, whereas technology moves on and we’ve gone from floppy disc, to CD, to USB and cloud storage.  The album remains faithful and is something that can be passed down the future generations.  And let’s face it, it’s kinder on your guests to show them a beautiful album than to ask them to sit through a slideshow of 700 images!


Pale grey wedding album from Caswell House wedding by London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography. Album made by Folio albums


So here are my top tips on wedding albums

  • It’s better to go with a quality professional album through your wedding photographer as the high street printers don’t use the same quality of materials, meaning thinner paper and colours not necessarily coming out as they should.
  • When choosing the images for your album, treat it like a story of your day, you want to showcase the highlights, not every single image you have.
  • If in doubt, ask your photographer, if they’re like me then they’ll have an idea of which images tell that story and can put together a first draft design for your album for you to then tweak.
  • If you know you really want an album, but it’s out of your budget, see if you can order one at a later date.  Your first anniversary is “paper” so a wedding album is a lovely gift to each other.  Or see if your photographer does vouchers that your guests can then purchase as a wedding gift so you can buy an album after the wedding.
  • Not really a tip, but an idea…  Heard of parent albums?  They’re a mini duplicate of your album and make a great gift for your parents.  We did this for our parents and I think both our Mum’s carried them round in their handbags for a long time after the wedding to show people!!


Until next time,

Amanda x


PS – if your wedding photographer doesn’t supply albums but you’d still really love one, get in touch as it’s a service we offer couples, even if we didn’t photograph your wedding 🙂


Folio albums packaging by London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography