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UK wedding photography trends for summer 2018

Hello again and it’s fantastic to be here with you.  Now I know we are in June but I wanted to share my thoughts on UK wedding photography trends to expect to see this summer.  As we’ve been a wedding photographer for a while now, we are used to seeing slight shifts and changes in photography trends. Things have definitely changed over the last few years and right now, wedding photography is definitely the best it’s ever been.

So, if you’re planning your big day at the moment and are wondering about photography, let me bring you right up to date with the best wedding photography trends for summer 2018 and beyond.

Before we get too carried away though, let me just say one thing about wedding photography trends and actually, this can be applied to any kind of trend, right across your wedding. Don’t do anything that doesn’t suit you, however on trend it might be. You have to feel comfortable with your wedding and to add things in to your day simply because they’re ‘the thing of the moment’ won’t make your wedding any better.

You see, weddings are brilliant when everything that’s included in them suits you. You’re comfortable with what’s going on, your guests are comfortable and the whole day just fits with who you are. If, on the other hand, you include things that aren’t ‘you’, your day won’t be ‘you’ either. So, when it comes to trends, pick and choose those that suit your personalities and fit with the style of wedding you’re planning.


Now, let’s get on with the wedding photography trends


The first look – yes, this US photography phenomenon has hit the UK and we’re seeing more and more first looks, where the couple meets privately before the ceremony, at weddings in 2018. If you’re nervous or would just like a few moments with your partner in private before your ceremony, a first look can be brilliant. The photos are always packed with emotion.

UK wedding photography trends - first look photography - image by London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography


Props – I’m seeing more and more props being used in the couple’s portraits. Whether it’s a big balloon, a smoke bomb or some pretty signage, props can really bring your photos to life.

Group shots – these are making a real come back and it’s thanks to some hard work by photographers! Now, group shots are much more individual, backgrounds change for each group, photographers take time to set up images that are far more interesting than the standard line up and the result is fabulous photos. Lots of group shots are now styled in such a cool way that they’re referred to as ‘Vanity Fair’ images – think of those super cool group shots that you see on the front cover of magazines where everyone looks amazing and that is the look of modern group shots.

Styled shoot style – because we all see so many styled shoots on blogs and in magazines now, couples definitely want some of their own images to reflect this look. Whether it’s a photo of your wedding stationery on a gorgeous backdrop complete with extra details or wonderful images of your reception tables, these shots are big news.

Fine art – fine art wedding photography is a light, dreamy, romantic style of wedding photography that again, has been made very popular by the big wedding blogs. Think soft colours and perfect composition and you’ll have fine art photography.

Dark and dramatic – at the other end of the scale, darker and almost moodier images are also on trend. These can work really well in grittier, urban settings or for autumn and winter weddings when there’s less light. Embrace the darkness! And if this is the style you are looking for, you may have noticed that this isn’t exactly us, however we can point you in the direction of some fabulous photographers who embrace this style beautifully.

UK wedding photography trends - flatlay wedding photography - image by London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography The preparations – bridal prep photos have been popular for a while but now the groom’s prep is important too. Seeing the morning of the wedding from another perspective gives a really complete story of your wedding day.

Unplugged ceremonies – now this is a trend that suits ALL weddings! Encourage your guests to leave their phones behind and just enjoy your ceremony without trying to snap pics. We’ve all seen photos of a bride’s arrival being obscured by guests stepping out into the aisle to grab a photo and that big moment of walking towards your partner is ruined. Let your photographer capture the moment and allow your guests the chance to enjoy the ceremony without distraction.

Teaser images – oh yes, photographers know that you want to share some photos ASAP after your wedding so more and more will supply you with teaser images. You’ll receive a handful of amazing shots within a day or two of your wedding and we expect to see them on social media within minutes of the email arriving in your inbox!

Albums – yes, wedding albums are definitely on trend again. We all take photos all the time but it’s so rare that we print and cherish those shots. Your wedding photos deserve to have a life beyond a screen and more and more couples are including beautifully designed albums on their list of wedding must-haves.

UK wedding photography trends - wedding albums - image by London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography

And there you have it, ten wedding photography trends for 2018 – it’s definitely the year to get creative and if you’re still looking for your wedding photographer and love that relaxed, fine art, romantic feel then you’re in luck, we still have one or two dates available for 2018 and are well on the way to filling up our 2019 also!

Until next time,

Amanda x