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The Importance Of Great Images For Your Business

One of the main reasons why I love photographing weddings is that I’m able to capture and tell stories through images. Wedding photos convey a million messages in one shot and that’s why they move people. Now, in an age where ‘the visual’ is so important, flat, staid, and dare I say it, boring images for your business are a complete no-no. If you want to connect with your dream clients and if you want your images to stand out, then they need to be great.

Let’s start by thinking about the social media feeds that we all flick our way through every day. We scroll scroll scroll and we tap tap tap, barely reading the text until an image catches our eye. Then we stop. Then we read and, if it’s a great image, we feel something.


Commercial lifestyle photography for your business. Images by Amanda Karen Photography


Most importantly for your business, when someone stops scrolling, they not only feel something but they do something too. They might click like, they might share your images (and your company name) with a friend or they might click through to your website to find out more about you. This is how relationships start and it’s all down to the right images.

Of course, once someone’s found you (thanks to a great image!), you hope that they’re going to want to find out more. This means that when they hop on over to your website, they also need to find more brilliant images, in the same style, that totally reflect you, your brand and everything about your company.

So, just like wedding images, images for your business tell a story too.

Like all good stories, your business images need to ‘hook’ the visitor. They need to say things about you and, in some ways, they also need to say things about that visitor too. They need to show visitors that you’re professional or creative or alternative. You photos need to make those visitors smile, make them feel reassured or inspired or the images simply need to show that the visitor’s style is your style too.


Commercial lifestyle photography for your business. Images by Amanda Karen Photography


A few years ago, when anyone launched a website, they grabbed images from a stock photography provider and that was that. Now, thanks to everyone’s awareness of ‘the visual’, stock images just won’t cut it anymore. They don’t show your difference, they don’t show your individuality and they don’t show you. Let’s be honest, what’s inspiring or memorable about a stock image that you’ve seen before?

This is why commissioning your own images is now not a nice to have option, it’s an absolute business imperative. By working with a professional photographer who understands your audience, loves your work and knows how to tell a story with one click, you’ll have images that you’ll want to share and show off as often as possible.

But, most importantly, you’ll have images that your clients will love because the images tell them so much about you in one glance. And, the longer they look at your images, the more they’ll find out.


Commercial lifestyle photography for your business. Images by Amanda Karen Photography


For more information on how we can capture the essence of your business, your products or your service, take a look at our commercial lifestyle photography page and then contact us for a free consultation.

Until next time,

Amanda x