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Stress free wedding planning – your wedding style


One of the things we hear a lot from couples is that they just don’t know where to start with the wedding planning, and we get that and remember it well, there is so much choice out there!  So, where do you start then…

It’s all about figuring out your style as this will steer the majority of your other choices and decisions.  What do you like to do as a couple, are you drawn to bold colours, dreamy pastels, sleek and modern design or vintage chic?  If you’re not sure, look around your home, cut things out of a magazine, look at what you pin (not just wedding related) on Pinterest – but remember Pinterest comes with a few advice points which we shared over on the English Wedding Blog recently!


Your wedding style will help you choose your flowers, shoes and decor


So how do you find your wedding style?

Remember the day is about you both, so here’s a quick exercise to do to try and work out a style that works for you…  Individually write a list of words or describe the wedding you have in your head, what’s included when you picture it, who is there, what’s the feel for the day?  Now, time for the fun – compare what you have and see where there is overlap and how you can incorporate each other’s tastes.  For instance, if your groom is a sport loving nut and wants the colour scheme to match his favourite team but you’re not a fan of that particular colour palette (some teams are more wearable than others I’m sure!) then maybe table names can be named after favourite players or you can surprise him with a “groom’s cake” like Michelle did for her lego loving fella!  We’ve seen wedding styles built around mutual loves, hobbies or holiday destinations and places visited together.


Your cake and flowers will highlight your wedding style


The style of your day and the feel you want for it will then help you narrow down the venue search – are you looking for a light an airy orangery, a grand stately home or a rustic hundred year old barn?  Believe it or not, the feel of your wedding will then feed into how you want it captured, because as with venue styles there are photographer styles too.  Our style is romantic, natural and loves detail and beautiful portraits and moments whereas our great friend Lex has an awesome alternative vibe to her photography.  The same can be said about other wedding vendors, we all have our own style, we will cover choosing your wedding support team (or your wedding suppliers) next week but just know that knowing your own wedding style and how you want your day to feel will be the best start you can make to your wedding planning journey.

Until next time,

Amanda x