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Stress free wedding planning – the week before your wedding


Well, with June well and truly underway, I think we can safely say that wedding season is here too. That means that for lots of couples, the planning period is almost over and the big day is just around the corner. Today, continuing my stress free wedding series, I’m going to guide you through the week before your wedding so you’ll be chilled, relaxed and able to enjoy every minute of this super special occasion.

Firstly, having some help during these last few (single!) days can make things much, much easier so, I’d definitely recommend finding out who’s available to help you in the days before the wedding. Then, once you know whom you can call on, take a look at the jobs that have to be done and assign suitable tasks to suitable people. It’s also really important to be realistic at this stage – if you know that you’re concerned about all the little decorative details being carefully packed in a particular order, don’t give this job to someone else because it’s oh-so likely that you’ll just go back and check it all anyway so that’s not saving you any time. Deliveries, collections and general jobs (even cooking and shopping!) are the best to delegate.


Remember to relax a bit the week before your wedding


Now I’ve mentioned packing, there’s certainly going to be some of this in the run up to the big day. Firstly, you’ll need to transport everything to the venue and it’s really helpful if you package up items needed for tables in individual boxes – this makes it wonderfully easy for your venue or caterer to set everything us just as you wish and, if you include a list of items on the outside of each box, you can even highlight those things you want returned.

Also, take a little time out during these few days just to check in with your suppliers and your venue. Find out what time florists, photographers, hairdressers, make-up artists and everyone else is arriving so you’ll know when to expect them. Now’s also the right moment to confirm that they’re happy with all the details, that they’ve got all of the information that they need and that everything is on track. You might like to give them a contact name and number for the morning of the wedding and this shouldn’t be you! Let a bridesmaid or groomsman handle any calls and questions and let yourself just enjoy the moment.

I know that the British weather is a law unto itself but usually, the forecast is pretty accurate with a few days to go! So, now’s the time to check it out and plan accordingly. If there’s a chance of rain, run through your wet weather plan with your venue and/or caterers and consider adding some umbrellas, a wrap and even some wellies to your wedding day kit. If the temperature’s set to soar, talk to your caterer to make sure they’re stocked up on drink (particularly non-alcoholic coolers) and ice and check you’ve got shady places for guests to sit. It’s tempting to ignore a less than friendly forecast but getting your plans in place early will mean that whatever Mother Nature throws at you, you’re all set.


Keep an eye on the weather the week before your wedding just in case you need to plan for rain


As tempting as it might be to keep trying on your wedding dress and accessories, don’t! It would be an awful thing to mark your gorgeous gown before the big day so just look after it – hang it (in it’s carrier or even inside a duvet cover!) so that the skirt isn’t creased and pack all your accessories and underwear in a bag. Do break your wedding shoes in before the day though because a long day spent in uncomfortable shoes is not the thing that bridal dreams are made of. Just wearing them around the house will be enough and you might like to rough up the soles with sandpaper, particularly if you’re marrying inside so you don’t slip or slide on carpet.

Your focus might totally be on your wedding right now but if you’re heading off on honeymoon straight after the big day, you’ll need to think about this as well (you’re not going to want to miss my stress-free honeymoon guide in a fortnight either!). Pack everything you need for this in a separate case and entrust it to a bridesmaid or parent so that they can make sure it gets to wherever it needs to be.

Lastly, expect the unexpected in the final few days. If a guest pulls out or a supplier asks a last minute question, don’t panic. You can’t plan for everything and there will always be some things that are outside of your control. However, by keeping on top of everything you can and knowing when to just smile and let some things go, you’ll arrive at your wedding day happy and calm.

Unitl next time,

Amanda x