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Creating a more socially aware wedding business in 2019

2018 saw a rise in the awareness of our impact as humans on the planet and the environment we live and thrive in.  As a household we try and do our bit, we have been cutting down the amount of plastic, Christmas saw us using only recyclable wrapping paper, we portion control to ensure that we are not wasting food and we give to causes that we believe in.  I know there is more we can do and we are striving to always improve.

However, it got me thinking about our business and how we can become more socially aware in how we run our business.


creating a socially aware wedding business - recycled paper tag with calligraphy and naturally dried petal confetti


Environmentally friendly packaging

Our first mission was the plight of the plastic, we buy our packaging and supplies a year in advance so it was the perfect time to assess this, and with the help of advice within the Nurture and Bloom industry facebook group and the array of packaging at the Tiny Box company we were able to stock up for 2019 with sustainable and recyclable packaging so that everything can be recycled after use, this includes our sweet treats!  So far, the only thing I haven’t been able to find is a clear recyclable clear packaging tape, so until I can source that (and do tell me if you find such a think), our welcome boxes will now be wrapped in brown paper and sealed with a paper-based packaging tape as they are the only boxes that don’t fit in our new padded envelopes!

It also means, when we send out our albums, we will be re-using the packaging boxes that they come in (and I’m super proud to use Folio albums who have fabulous environmental credentials) and wrapping them in our trusty brown paper so that they remain protected as they wing their way to you.


creating a socially aware wedding business - engagement ring with naturally dried petal confetti


Charitable causes

As an extension of supporting the causes that mean a lot to us, we will be donating a proportion of profits to a range of charities to enable them to continue the ground breaking and amazing work they carry out.  Now, because we couldn’t choose between them, and because we know different causes mean different things to each of you, we will be asking you to choose which of the charities you would like us to donate to on behalf of your wedding or shoot.  Don’t worry if you can’t choose, you can pick multiple ones or just ask us to distribute it evenly across them.


So who have we chosen……


It was a tough decision, there were so many out there we looked at, but to keep it easier for our couples to decide, but also so that by the end of the year we could contribute meaningful amounts, we have decided upon four charities:

  • Help for Heroes – as a military child, the work and the support HfH provide military personnel and their families is astounding. It’s a cause so very close to my heart having been part of this amazing community for the majority of my life, and in turn, something Hutch has been a part of since we have been together.
  • World Wild Fund (WWF) – you’ll have guessed that looking after the planet is something we want to be a part of, well this charity was an all rounder for looking after our oceans, wildlife and other natural habitats so it definitely had to make the list.
  • MIND (mental health charity) – the rise of mental health awareness has been astounding over the past 18 months, it’s important to get rid of the stigma of mental health and to support those who suffer from this and their loved ones in navigating what can at times be a turbulent journey. This is another cause close to our hearts and one we are proud to support.
  • Macmillan Nurses – I think everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer, it’s a heart breaking illness to watch someone you love go through and Macmillan Nurses tirelessly help both the patients and the families affected. Both of us have lost family to cancer and seen loved ones battle it and survive, so it was a no brainer to add these to the list.


Being a socially aware wedding business is something we will always be striving to achieve, always looking at how we can improve, but the important thing for us was to start.  Each step is a step closer to the goal and as well as it being important to us, we know it’s important to our couples and clients.

Know this is a longer post than usual for me, so well done for getting this far and we can’t wait to see where 2019 takes us.  We’d also love to hear how you are striving to be more socially aware or any tips you may have.

Until next time,

Amanda x