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Your stress free pre wedding florals checklist

We’re well into wedding florals month now here on the blog and I hope that you’re enjoying it as much as I am. I’m going to bring this floral series to a close with yet another of our unmissable pre-wedding checklists. Our venue checklist and our handy food and drink checklist have both been super popular so save or print this piece out and banish all floral stress from your wedding right now!

I think that so often, what makes wedding planning so tricky is that you’re suddenly expected to be an expert in so many areas that you previous knew nothing about! Booking venues, arranging catering, selecting suppliers and deciding on flowers are not really the things that most of us do on a regular basis! Anyway, I’m a firm believer in the fact that if you work through everything well in advance, you can’t go far wrong. So, with that in mind, here’s a guide to everything floral you need to consider ahead of your wedding. Speak to your suppliers, chat with your venue, ask other brides about their experiences but just be sure you’ve got everything covered.


Wedding florals, London wedding photographer, Amanda Karen Photography


Your wedding florals quotation

I’ve mentioned in a previous feature that being open about your budget for wedding flowers is really important. It’s also just as important that you check through your quote to make sure everything is included:

  • Travel costs – is there an extra charge if your florist needs to visit more than one venue to set-up and/or deliver your wedding flowers?
  • Collections – if you’re using props or hired items, make sure that the cost of collection is included.
  • Breakdown – your florist will probably have to come back to your venue early the next morning to clear up. Is there a charge for this?
  • Pre-wedding consultations – will you get to meet up with your florist before your wedding to look at samples and mock-ups? Is there are charge for this?
  • Sundry items – if you’d like your florist to prepare confetti, bouquets for parents or family members, a smaller version of your bouquet to throw or anything else, don’t forget to include these!


Wedding forals, London wedding photographer, Amanda Karen Photography


On the wedding day

Now this is where you really need everything to come together so be sure that you’re completely up to speed with everything that’s going to be happening. Here are a few things to think about:

  • What time will your florist arrive at your venue to start setting up?
  • What time will they deliver your bouquet? This might be important if you’re planning photographs before your ceremony.
  • Will buttonholes be supplied with pins or non-marking magnets?
  • If your groom is getting ready in a different location to you, will his buttonhole and the buttonholes for the groomsmen be delivered to them or left at the ceremony venue?
  • If flowers are being moved from your ceremony venue to your reception, is this all in hand?
  • When will your florist arrive to collect and hire items or remove all your flowers? This information will need to be relayed to your venue.
  • Is your florist totally comfortable with everything at your venue? Do they need a parking space reserved or are there any questions outstanding?


Wedding florals, Amanda Karen Photography, London wedding photographer


Wedding Florals Contingencies

It’s always wise to be totally prepared for anything that might crop up. This really isn’t tempting fate but more insuring yourself against any last minutes stresses. Think about the following just in case:

  • What will happen if your florist can’t get your preferred blooms for your wedding? Is there an alternative that can work?
  • If the weather suddenly becomes super hot, will your bouquet make it through the day? Can they recommend anything that will help your flowers to look their best despite the heat?
  • What happens if any hired items get damaged or broken during the wedding day?


I know I’ve said it before but you know your wedding plans inside out so alter or add to this list with things that are specific to your day or important to you. Use your time with your florist and meetings and consultations to talk everything through in plenty of detail so that you’re feeling totally reassured about your plans. Then, you can simply look forward to stepping into wedding florals heaven on your big day!

Until next time,

Amanda x


Wedding florals, London wedding photographer, Amanda Karen Photography


The wedding florals in this post were created by Grace and Thorn