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Pre-wedding checklist for wedding planners and stylists

I do so hope that you’ve enjoyed our features looking at wedding stylists and wedding planners. We’re going to bring this month to a close with another of our pre-wedding checklists so whether you’re working with a wedding planner who’s dealing with everything, a day-of coordinator or a wedding stylist, here are the checklists you need to make sure that everything is perfect.

Now you might be wondering why, if you’re working with planners and stylists, you need to be asking any questions before your wedding. Surely they should be doing everything for you right? Well, wrong actually. You see, whilst your planner might know everything about your wedding, they don’t know everything about you. They don’t know those things that you worry about or those family complexities that can stress you out. As the saying goes, it’s good to talk and it’s definitely good to reach your wedding day feeling relaxed, in control and super confident.


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Your wedding planning/styling quotation

As with all suppliers, it’s really important that you check through contracts and T&Cs for planners and stylists. It’s all too easy for wires to cross when things aren’t confirmed or questioned so before you sign on the dotted line or engage a planner or stylist, here are a few things to confirm:

  • What’s included – wedding planners in particular can do anything and everything you need but it’s crucial to check what’s included in the cost you’re quoted. How many meetings with they attend with you? How many suppliers will they shortlist for you? How often will you receive updates?
  • Travel and accommodation – are these included in the quote? Will you have to pay for accommodation for your planner for the night before/night after your wedding?
  • Payments – some wedding planners make payments from a client account to suppliers on your behalf, others will request that you pay suppliers directly when invoices are received. Be sure how your planner works or, if you’d prefer to work in one way or another, ask them if this is possible.
  • Reimbursements – does a planner or stylist’s contract authorize them to make payments on your behalf to a specified amount and then request reimbursement from you? This might be important with last minute purchases so make sure that you’re happy with any figures mentioned.
  • Dates – if your planner is splitting their fee into installments, when are these payments due? These dates need to be very heavily marked in your diary!
  • Dates (again!) – when will your planner start work for you? When should you expect to hit certain planning milestones? Clearing this up before you begin your working relationship will cut out any potential misunderstandings.


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On the wedding day

Now of course, your planner or stylist will be beyond busy on the big day managing everything for you. Double-check these points before the day so you can be absolutely confident that all’s in hand:

  • What time will they be arriving on the day?
  • Will they check in with you when they arrive?
  • Roughly what will they be looking after at what point during the day? This is just so you know where they can be found if something crops up.
  • Do they have all the contact numbers they need? Bridesmaids, family members or anyone else important might need to get in touch.
  • Are they aware of any family issues or guests with special requirements that might need managing on the day?
  • Are you all agreed on the contingency plans in case of bad weather or similar?
  • What time will they be with you until?
  • Have they got absolutely everything they need from you? Are there any questions unanswered or points requiring final clarification?


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Wedding planners/stylist contingencies

In my opinion, it’s always worth knowing what the contingency plan is. It’s so incredibly rare that suppliers encounter problems but your pre-wedding peace of mind can be hugely improved if you know all is taken care of:

  • Does your planner work with an associate or intern to help on the day?
  • What will happen if your planner or stylist is ill and unable to attend your wedding?
  • Is your stylist/planner insured for transporting any hired items?
  • Do they have final responsibility for returning any hired items, making cash payments to any other suppliers or authorizing any wedding day spend on your behalf?


And there you have it! Of course, you can add your own questions to mine to make sure that everything’s covered but this is certainly a good starting point for any wedding. I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s blog posts as much as I have – another mini-series will start next month so see you soon!

Until next time,

Amanda x