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Pre-wedding checklist for wedding entertainment

As you might have noticed, it’s been all about wedding entertainment on the blog of late. Now, we hate to say this in case you think we’re party-poopers but you really can’t just leave your wedding entertainment to chance and just hope for the best. So, if your wedding day is approaching, don’t worry! Here’s our pre-wedding checklist to ensure that your entertainment makes everyone smile.

I know I’ve mentioned it before but planning a wedding really is quite a test. You’re essentially managing a massive project on top of everything else in your life and you’ve got to deal with lots of things that are quite complicated. This is definitely the case when it comes to wedding entertainment but, when you get it right, the atmosphere on the big day will be incredible. Don’t worry! Our guide to the all-important aspects you need to think about ahead of your wedding is here so it’s time to get the party started.


Selfie station for your evening wedding entertainment. Norfolk Mead Hotel wedding, image by Amanda Karen Photography


Your wedding entertainment quotation

You’ve probably picked up from the blog by now that I think wedding budgets are super important. When you’re trying to get the figures to add up, it’s really important that you check quotations thoroughly. Here are a few things to look out for with quotations from potential wedding entertainers:

  • Travel costs – entertainers, and bands in particular, really do travel everywhere for weddings. If you’re booking through an agency, it can be tough to know where everyone is based. Ask for a full quote that includes any travel costs before you commit.
  • What’s included – is the quote fully inclusive and does it include everything that you expect? Will your DJ be bringing the lights that you’ve seen on the website? Always check that what you think is included isn’t actually an extra cost.
  • Times – always check the times that entertainers will be performing for and share your wedding day timings with them too. If you want music for your ceremony and drinks reception, be sure that your quotation includes coverage for all of this period.
  • Food and drink – this is one that often catches couples out when a band that provides a great quote suddenly requests hot meals and drinks for all ten of them! Obviously this really increases the cost to you and if this was mentioned in the terms and conditions before you signed, you’re a bit stuck. Check what entertainers will require in advance.


Selfie station for your evening wedding entertainment. Greenwoods Hotel wedding, image by Amanda Karen Photography


On the wedding day

Your wedding entertainers are absolutely key on the day as they really do create the atmosphere that makes the event so special. Don’t leave anything to chance and make sure that you know exactly what the plan is ahead of time:

  • What time will your entertainers be arriving?
  • Who will meet them when they arrive and show them where they need to go?
  • Will there be space for them to change, prepare or practice?
  • If there are payments to be made on the day, who’s taking care of that for you?
  • Have you provided music selections and song choices to your entertainers well in advance?
  • Do they need parking spaces or have they got any special requirements you need to know about?
  • Who will they speak to if they’ve got any last minute questions or queries?
  • What are the times of the first dance and when does the music have to stop?
  • Have they got everything they need from you? Is there anything at all that they need to clarify?


Wedding ceremony string orchestra. Wedding entertainment images by Amanda Karen Photography - Iscoyd Park wedding


Wedding entertainment contingencies

If you’ve thought through everything that might happen, whatever crops up on the day isn’t going to be a problem. Banish any last minute issues by thinking about these points before your wedding:

  • If you’d hoped for entertainment outside, what will happen if it’s wet?
  • If any of your band come down with a bug or illness, are there other musicians who can step in?
  • Is there any flexibility in their timings if you’re running a little late?


So, that’s my guide to making sure everything entertaining is in hand before the big day. Don’t be afraid to ask your suppliers questions or check anything that you’re not sure of. We all want you to have a party that’s memorable for all the right reasons.

Until next time,

Amanda x