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Pre-wedding checklist – your wedding gifts

And so our month of indulgence talking about wedding gifts of all varieties is coming to an end. As usual, we’ll be finishing this mini-series with one of our essential pre-wedding checklists to make sure that you’re totally prepared when it comes to presents. Bookmark this feature so when the time comes, you know where to turn. Read on for your wedding gift (check) list…

The first and most important thing to say is that your wedding can be a little like Christmas. It seems as if it’s never going to arrive and then, all of a sudden, it’s here before you know it. It’s also a bit like Christmas in that there’s usually quite a lot to do in the week or so before the big day so don’t leave gift buying (and gift wrapping!) until the last minute. The more organised you can be, the more relaxed you’ll be and the more time you’ll have to find the perfect gifts for the most important people in your life.


Gifts for your bridal party

As we’ve said before, your bridal party really does deserve to be treated on your wedding day because they’ll have been absolutely invaluable to you. If you’re stuck for ideas, take a look at this feature but here are the key things to check off:

  • Who – decided exactly who you’re giving gifts to and also decide who’s responsible for buying them!
  • What – select the gifts you want to give and make sure they’re ordered well before the big day.
  • When – think about the wedding day itself and decide at what point you’re going to give your gifts to your bridal party. You could present them in the morning when you’re all getting ready or include them in your speeches. It’s up to you – just don’t forget!
  • Where – this is an important element to consider, especially if you’re presenting presents during your speeches. You’ll need to make sure that the gifts in question are close at hand but if you’re giving bouquets to parents, these will need to be kept cool and bought out at the right moment. Speak to your wedding planner or venue staff to make sure this is all under control.


pre-wedding checklist for gifts, bow tie and handkerchief from Poppy in Pearls, image by London wedding photographer and London commercial photographer Amanda Karen Photography


Gifts for your partner

Now this is where you’ll both need to take responsibility for the gifts that you’re giving each other and your wedding day is really not the day to forget a present that you’ve carefully chosen. We gave you a few thoughts for fabulous gifts here and once you’re all set, here’s what you need to think about:

  • Who – well, it’s pretty obvious who you’ll be giving the gift to but do you need help from anyone else to make sure it arrives at the right place at the right time? Will it need to be delivered by a bridesmaid or parent? Think about who needs to be in on the secret and make sure they know what they need to do.
  • What – the gifts will need to be ordered, wrapped and then taken with you! This is incredibly important if you’re getting married some distance from your home!
  • When – now this does require a little more thought than you might expect. If you’re arranging to have something delivered to your partner, you need to have an idea on their plans for the morning of the wedding to make sure that it arrives at a good time. There’s no point in beautiful gifts arriving when the bride to be is in the hair and makeup artist’s chair or when the guys have already left for the ceremony. A little bit of cunning questioning might be in order!
  • Where – again, you’ll need to know where you partner will be or, if you’re planning to exchange gifts later in the day, have you got the perfect spot in mind?


Pre-wedding checklist for gifts, silk robe from Poppy in Pearls, image by London wedding photographer and London commercial photographer Amanda Karen Photography


Your wedding gifts from guests

Of course, your wedding gift list does need to be arranged well before your wedding because most couples include details of the list with their invitations. That said, there are still a few things to think about when it comes to your wedding gifts from guests on, and after, the big day:

  • Even if you’ve gone for a purely online list, you might still find that one or two guests choose something for you from elsewhere. Some people might also want to bring your presents along to the wedding so make sure that these are collected and safely stored for you at your venue.
  • If you’ve asked for gift vouchers or financial contributions to your honeymoon, remember that wedding cards might actually contain cash or vouchers. Again, these need to be well looked after.
  • Keep a list of everything that you’re given and make sure that you write your thank you cards as soon as you can after your wedding. We can help you create cards featuring your favourite wedding photograph.
  • Arrange the delivery of your wedding gifts when you’re back from honeymoon.
  • Find out if your gift list provider allows you to buy anything left on your list – this can be really handy if you want to complete sets or if you’re keen to stock up on ‘spares’ in case of breakages.


And there we have it, the end of the wedding gifts mini-series. We hope you’ve enjoyed it and we can’t wait to see you here on the blog again very soon.

Until next time,

Amanda x


PS – all items photographed here is available from Poppy in Pearls