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A stress free adventure with our pre-honeymoon checklist

There are so many reasons why your honeymoon, or minimoon, will be a holiday of a lifetime. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, where you’re going or how long you’re going for, this is a holiday that you’re sure to remember. This is your private celebration, your post-wedding escape and it’s the time for you to catch your breath after all of the wedding madness. You both deserve it to be brilliant and perfect so here’s our pre-honeymoon checklist that will tell you all you need to know.

Historically, the honeymoon was the period when husbands took their new wives away from their families (and potentially away from other spurned suitors!) while the excitement of the wedding died down. Nowadays of course, honeymoons are a lot more enjoyable and lots of couples use their honeymoons as a chance to tick things off their travel bucket list or just indulge in a luxurious or adventurous break. Whenever you’re travelling, there’s always lots of arrange and as your honeymoon comes hot on the heels of your wedding, you need to make sure that you’re as organised for this as you are for your wedding. So, here’s our handy pre-honeymoon checklist that should make sure that you check-in for your honeymoon totally relaxed and ready to enjoy yourselves.


Honeymoon in Brazil, image by destination wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography


Arrangements for your honeymoon

As you know, holidays and honeymoons don’t organise themselves so if you’re planning on heading off straight from your wedding, the arrangements for your honeymoon have to be on your wedding to-do list as well. Here are the things you need to think about in advance:

  • Obviously, deciding where to go and getting everything booked up is absolutely essential. Don’t forget that you could put together a honeymoon gift list if you really want to go big with your honeymoon. Providers such as Prezola and Patchwork give guests the chance to contribute towards your dream holiday.
  • If you’re changing your name post-wedding, remember that you can change the name on your passport before you get married too (although it doesn’t become valid until your wedding day). This means that you can travel in your married name – think about this in advance because obviously your tickets and passport will all need to match!
  • Find out if there are any honeymoon upgrades available to you. Some destinations might need to see your marriage certificate too so check this in advance.
  • We know it’s another thing to think about in the build-up to your wedding but confirm whether you need to arrange visas before you travel or have any vaccinations. Get those vaccinations done in plenty of time, just in case they make you feel a little bit grotty.
  • Think about your honeymoon wardrobe! We know it sounds a little bit shallow but your honeymoon definitely calls for a few new things and whether you’re shopping for clothes or luggage, get it done in good time.


Honeymoon in Brazil, image by destination wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography


When it’s time to travel

Now some of the points below are more relevant if you’re going on your honeymoon immediately after your wedding day but even if you’re delaying your escape for a little while, it’s still worth checking that you’ve got everything covered:

  • Make sure that you’ve arrange for someone to bring your wedding dress and all your luggage home from your wedding venue. They’ll also need to collect any gifts or wedding cards that guests bought along for you.
  • If hired items need to be returned post-wedding, check that a friend or family member has this under control for you too.
  • Any decorations or items that you provided for your wedding will also need to be packed up and collected from the venue on the day after the wedding and depending on your venue, someone might need to be around to oversee clear-up too.
  • Book airport transfers, airport parking and currency in good time. Check luggage allowances, check-in online and make sure that you’ve got your passports and all the paperwork that you need for your trip including passports, itineraries and your driving licence if needed.
  • Don’t forget to arrange your travel home when you get back too!


Honeymoon in Brazil, image by destination wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography


Honeymoon contingencies

It’s awful to think that something might go wrong on your honeymoon but, as with your wedding, it’s way better to be prepared than it is to have something crop up when you’ve just been relying on everything going well. When it comes to your honeymoon, make sure that you’ve covered all eventualities:

  • Travel insurance is an absolute must for this trip. Delays, lost luggage or worse can and do, unfortunately, happen so insurance is your back-up here.
  • Take photocopies of your passports, driving licences and other documents so you’ve got them if anything is lost or stolen.
  • Upload precious holiday photos to Cloud storage if you can get Wi-Fi while you’re away then you won’t lose your memories even if you lose your phone or camera.

Finally, plan things to do when you get home. After all the excitement of the wedding and the honeymoon, it’s totally natural to feel a little down when it’s all over. Arrange to see friends, book a few date nights or just contact your photographer to start designing your wedding album…!

Until next time,

Amanda x


Images taken from our own honeymoon to Brazil!