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Points To Consider When Planning A Destination Wedding


This year, it’s been an absolute privilege to be part of some amazing shoots in Europe and, as winter approaches, the very thought of a destination wedding is enough to make you smile. But, before you grab your passport and pack your bags, here are a few points to consider and things to think about…

We’re going to start with the trickiest topic of all and that’s costs. Whilst destination weddings can quite often be cheaper for the couple (yippee!), they’re usually more expensive for your guests (boo!). When you add up the cost of flights, accommodation, food & drink and all the other sundry items, it’s hard to pretend that a long weekend in Italy could ever be cheaper than one night closer to home.


Paris wedding - destination wedding photography


So, if you’re planning a destination wedding, give your guests as much notice as possible. This will let them do their homework on costs and save up if necessary. It’s also likely they’ll need to take holiday from work and, in some cases also arrange passports, visas, vaccinations and more.

On the flip side, don’t be offended if some of your nearest and dearest can’t travel to be with you for whatever reason. Accept that your guest list might be ‘exclusive’ for the overseas celebrations but you can certainly arrange a big party when you’re home so everyone can be a part of your wedding.


Provence wedding - destination wedding photography


Working with a wedding planner who is ‘on the ground’ where you’re getting married can be a huge plus point. They’ll be able to advise you on all the legalities and be your point of contact/translator/go-to assistant when you really need them. Of course, lots of couples choose to take certain key suppliers with them for their destination wedding, photographers being a case in point, and there’s nothing to stop you making your own arrangements even if you’re working with a planner.


Florence wedding - destination wedding photography


We know that lots of couples love to head to warmer climes for their wedding but do consider the possibility of soaring temperatures when you’re planning your day. A 1pm summer wedding in the UK is one thing but a 1pm summer wedding in the Med is a different matter altogether! If you want to avoid everyone wilting too early or turning a shade of red that won’t match your colour scheme, opt for a later ceremony and enjoy the balmy evening instead.

Insurance is as important for destination weddings as it is for UK-based celebrations. Lots of providers such as John Lewis Insurance offer cover that’s specifically designed for overseas weddings. You’ll be covered if someone important falls ill or if your wedding attire gets lost or suppliers don’t perform.


Italy wedding - destination wedding photography


And, whilst we’re talking about your wedding attire, always speak to your airline well in advance about those all-important outfits. Most will make special arrangements for wedding dresses (carrying them in the cabin rather than requiring you to fold and pack your gown in your case) but do ask about the guy’s suits too. Having to pack a hired suit and accessories in your bag can be a heavy affair!

Lastly, make the most of your time away both before and after your wedding. Arrange a destination engagement shoot in the days before the wedding and how about post-wedding picnics or trips? In our opinion, it’s only right to make every minute as brilliant and as memorable as possible!

If you’d like to talk to us about destination wedding photography or destination engagement shoots, do get in touch. We’d love to hear about your plans and help in any way we can.

Until next time,

Amanda x