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So your photographer hasn’t worked at your venue?

Today’s post is something that I know many of you will have seen in a list of questions to ask your photographer – “have you ever worked at my venue before” and whilst it may be a factor in your decision, after all, your venue may have a recommended list of suppliers, I’m here to give me view on why I don’t really think it should matter…

Firstly, let me start by saying, it’s important when you are choosing your photographer that you get a really good feel of their work and the sort of images you will receive.  So, whilst they may not have worked at your venue, you will be able to see how they work in similar settings and environments.


Lainston House wedding photographer


Any professional photographer worth their salt will know their camera and equipment like the back of their hand and will know exactly how to make it work within any given setting.  So, whether you are getting married in a greenhouse, castle, outdoors or in a Tudor house, they will know what is needed to capture the day in that environment.

In terms of how the day will run and where they will take photos, they may do a site visit with you if it’s local to them, they may google to see where group photos and portraits are conducted, they may contact the venue or talk through your ideas with you from what you’ve seen of the venue and they may, on the day, have a scout around to find locations whilst you sip champagne with your guests.

But rest assured, if you hire a professional photographer, your images won’t be left to chance just because they haven’t been to that venue before.


Cotswold home wedding photographer


For instance, the way we work is…

Where a venue is further afield and we haven’t photographed there before, we will first talk to you about what drew you to the venue, why did you want to celebrate your wedding there.  This will help give us an idea for what’s important to you.

During our pre-wedding meeting or call, we’ll talk through your timings so we know how far afield we might be able to go for photos (important if your venue has extensive grounds!) as well as talk through a rainy-day plan.

When we arrive at the venue, because there is two of us, it means that one of us can scout out locations for groups shots and portraits based on the weather and the light conditions of that day, whilst the other is capturing those photos of you and your guests enjoying the day.


Clissold House wedding photographer


And the beauty of working at lots of different venues means that we are always keeping our images and our approach fresh for our couples, your images will truly reflect your day and you as a couple.  Now don’t get me wrong, we love being on the recommended suppliers list of the wonderful venues we are, but as the saying goes “variety is the spice of life” and we just love that in our business!

Until next time,

Amanda x


PS – and if you’re looking for your wedding photographer, we still have some weekends available this year and our 2020 diary is open and waiting!  We’d love to hear from you today