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Our top 10 date night ideas whilst we’re in isolation

So there we have it, social distancing measures came into action and all of a sudden people were left wondering what they would fill their time with?!   As there are only so many rooms in a house to explore, and with trips outside limited to only essential food shops and exercise, I thought I’d pull together my top 10 date night ideas for isolation (although, some of these things are still valid ideas even when we’re out the other side!)


NB – these links are things I’ve found online, I personally haven’t tried them all, but hope it’s a starting point for you to get creative and fight the boredom as well as keep date night something to look forward to and not dwindle!


watching movies with popcorn as a date night idea in isolation, image by London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography


1) Movies and TV shows

Services such as Netflix and Prime will probably become a lifeline for many people over the coming weeks, but what about those new releases you wanted to see?  Well, Vulture.com has listed the new releases that you can now stream at home and the British Film Institute Flare 2020 festival is being bought online so you can still see some of the schedule they were due to run.

Rather than your usual TV binge, why not turn it into a proper movie night, no phones (and therefore no spiral of social media “news”) and pull together some snacks.


2) Learn something together

Always said you want to do more together, maybe now’s the time to learn a language then why not try something like Babbel or Duolingo.   Want to brush up on your handwriting (and perfect for if you’re having to send some postponement cards or just want to send a beautiful note to those you can’t see at the moment), then White Olive Design Studio is doing an online calligraphy course.

Fancy learning to cook like a Michelin Star Chef?  Then check out the Gordon Ramsey Masterclasses, or learn to bake for free with wedding cake designer (and lovely friend of AKP) La Belle Cake Company who is doing a bake along on her facebook page, the first one being this week. If you’re a lover of Indian food, then the amazing Heena’s Kitchen Curry has recipe cards you can buy that come with video guide, and I have it on great authority that they are looking at bringing much more online content out too!

A quick type into Google of “online classes” bought up so many results, so it’s probably a case of whatever you’d like to learn you probably could, get creative!


Play board games as a date night idea in isolation, image by London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography


3) Old school board games and video games

Who here remembers playing games as a family?  In fact, it’s something we still do as a family after too much to eat at Christmas, so we have some that bring out the competitive side.  So why not dust off the games and foster a healthy sense of competition!   You can even download and print your own Cards Against Humanity! For a really bizarre game (Hutch’s Mum bought it one year as a stocking gift), Exploding Kittens has an app so you can play against your friends.  And if you want to play a scrabble type game against your friends then try out Words With Friends. (Technically not date night, but you may be missing your friends too so I wanted to include them!)

For those of you that prefer video games, this TimeIn (TimeOut’s new branding) article shares their top video games you can play online.


4) Hutch’s Happy Hour

Ok, so you may not have all of the ingredients, but if you’re a cocktail lover and date night usually involves your fave cocktail bar, then now’s the time to try your hand at some of the recipes in Hutch’s Happy Hour.  And if you do, we’d love it if you could tag us on IG with your creation (@amandakarenphotography).

Some of the easier cocktails to make, or at least pick up an ingredient as part of an online shopping order (please don’t be making unnecessary trips out, this is not counted as essential travel or supplies):

  • Boston Gin – simple syrup can be homemade with equal parts of water and sugar.  And aquafaba (chickpea water) and egg whites are interchangeable
  • Espresso Martini – any coffee liqueur will do!
  • Coco Channel – again, an alternative coffee liqueur will work or if you substitute the gin for vodka then you have a White Russian.
  • Dark n Stormy

And on Friday, a new cocktail will be added, created purely out of what we have in our house at the moment!


Hutch's Happy Hour cocktail - boston gin, a gin cocktail recipe by London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography


5) Stay Fit Together

You may have seen that Joe Wicks PE lessons have been making waves to enable kids to continue being active whilst at home.  But that doesn’t have to stop with children, we need to keep active too.  Les Mills has an array of online classes as part of their subscription from Body Combat to Barre Ballet.   And I’ve heard of some yoga classes being hosted online, so why not check out the IG accounts of your local class to see if they’re hosted virtual classes.


6) Concerts, shows and gigs

On Friday night, an incredibly talented singing friend of ours hosted an FB gig, that’s had something like 20k views (in fact, you can watch it back here if you want) and I do believe other stars such as Ronan Keating, Gary Barlow and Coldplay have also done something similar, so I’m sure there will be more of that to come.

In addition to that:

  • The London Symphony Orchestra will be streaming from their archive whilst they can’t play live
  • West End shows will be put on as part of the West End Sessions: The Quarantine Series as a way to keep the light on for performers unable to work at the moment
  • For the Shakespeare lovers out there, the Globe has Globe TV which includes some free content too
  • And for a wider theatre genre, there is Digital Theatre which has a subscription service or you can rent one off productions


7) Online / Digital Pub

Ok, I know this is another drinking one, but there are some great initiatives happening out there where pubs are bringing that community feel online.  The Craft Beer Channel are having an online pub on the 25th March which includes a pub quiz, Brewdog will be having their online bar sessions from Friday 27th March which will include beer tastings, masterclasses, music and comedy (oh, and did you know, if you’re an NHS worker you can claim free beer.  And for those non NHS workers among us, you can donate to the fund to gift beer to them)

You can of course also organise your own online pub or house party, using the app handily named “House Party


Dinner in from your favourite restaurant as a date night idea in isolation, image by London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography


8) Support local restaurants through Deliveroo and Uber Eats

It’s a stressful time for a lot of independent businesses, with closures affecting businesses far and wide, it’s important for those that can, to continue to support independent businesses.  At the time of writing, the likes of Deliveroo and Uber Eats were still offering food delivery, so have a look to see if you’re fave local eatery can be bought to you, pop open a bottle of wine (or a Hutch’s Happy Hour cocktail), put your favourite playlist on, light some candles and eat at the table rather than on the sofa!


9) Virtual Escape Room

Ok, so this link this was on, is technically for kids and may not be your usual date night, but who doesn’t love an Escape Room?!  This Harry Potter Escape Room was created by Peters Township Public Library and can be accessed via this Google Docs link they have created.


10) Virtual tours of galleries, museums, national parks etc

I for one am gutted that my trips to Paris, Florence and Malta have been cancelled, this was a year of incredible travel with the business and I know my friend and peers in the travel industry have felt the impact of this crisis in full throttle.  So whilst I’m planning on reviving those trips once we’re out the other side, if you’re hankering for some travel culture, there are a few places doing virtual tours, let’s get that excitement up for then booking the holiday and visiting it in real life:


There you have it, my top 10 things to do in place of date night whilst in isolation.  Remember, social distancing may mean no physical contact with the outside world, but through technology we can still keep in touch, so please do.  Talk to each other, video call and explore the world via these online options.


I’ll still be sharing tips, advice and inspiration relating to weddings, because whilst we are helping our clients who need to postpone, we know there are still people planning weddings and getting engaged and those happy moments still deserve to be celebrated.


Until next time,

Amanda x