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Not another “now you’re engaged” post!

Firstly, congratulations, this is an exciting time and the next chapter in your story as a couple.  Now, whilst the temptation will be to run head first into planning your big day, I’m here to tell you to stop.  Counter-intuitive I know, for a wedding supplier to tell you not to start planning, especially when suppliers get booked up.  However, unless you’re planning to get married very quickly, take some time to enjoy being engaged.  It’s part of your adventure as a couple, it’s not a stepping stone to the wedding, it’s special, it’s the lead up to a marriage.  Please don’t lose sight of that.

Now, there are a thousand articles out there on wedding advice, in fact, we have an entire client lounge available with all the articles we’ve written over the years on all aspects of planning a wedding.  But this year I wanted to be more real with the advice we share, get to the true issues and questions our couples have come across during their planning, as well as sharing guest posts from industry friends.

I’m going to talk about navigating family politics, feeling confident in front of the camera, the things your photographer really needs to know and how to contingency plan your wedding (spoiler alert, I spent 10 years working in crisis management and contingency planning!)


So, what was the point of this post?!


Well, I wanted to celebrate your engagement, I’m a sucker for a proposal story and love to hear how you met.  So feel free to drop me a message to share!  


You're engaged - some wedding details and engagement ring, by London wedding photographer


And I do have some suggestions on what to do next…


  • “document the occasion” this doesn’t have to be a formal shoot just yet, but keep the mementos from the proposal, the congratulations cards from your nearest and dearest, even the ring selfie you may have posted on social media.
  • Do something to celebrate, a meal together, a party with your friends and family, something to mark the occasion.
  • Write letters to each other, how you feel in this moment, why you love each other, what you’re excited about once you’re married.  May sound a bit soppy to some, but they can be exchanged when it’s a year to go, or the night before the wedding, bringing the romance alive a little bit more and reminding each other what’s important – you two.
  • Plan in some date nights, trust me, even if you have a wedding planner, there will be decisions to be made and it’s very easy for the wedding planning, combined with a busy working life to take over. So having time set aside to be just the two of you, doing something together, even catching a film or cooking a meal together – no wedding talk!


Now go and celebrate a bit more, this is a super exciting time, enjoy every moment 😊

Until next time,

Amanda x


PS – and once you’ve celebrated, here are some historic posts on what to do next and our top tips