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Celebrate your marriage – all you need to know about honeymoons

And here we are, the final month of the year. As the year draws to a close, it seems fitting that we focus this month on the part of the wedding that rounds your celebrations off in style – the honeymoon. Yes, all this month, we’re going to sharing advice and inspiration for the best honeymoons and minimoons around. So, grab your passport and pack your bags, it’s time get honeymoon ready…


Honeymoons inspiration, Brazil honeymoon scenes, images by destination wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography


Honeymoons – Then & Now

Honeymoons, in the guise that we know them, became popular back in the 19th Century when upper-class newlyweds would embark on a glamorous tour to the popular resorts and cities in Italy or on the French Riviera. This holiday was an opportunity for the couple to get to know each other in private which sounds crazy to us now but was definitely needed back then when most couples hadn’t been on the their own before they took their vows!

Now, of course, honeymoons are much more fun and a lot less like going away with someone you hardly know! The phrase ‘the world is your oyster’ couldn’t be more appropriate because the modern honeymoon can be anything you want it to be.


Nature honeymoons, flowers and leaves in Brazil, images by destination wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography


Honeymoon options

What you do for your honeymoon is completely up to you and you’re really only constrained by your budget and possibly the amount of annual leave you can take from work!

The luxurious beach holiday is still a firm favourite. Destinations such as Mauritius, the Maldives and the Seychelles are as popular as ever and it’s easy to see why. Idyllic islands, beautiful accommodation and plenty of opportunities to indulge make these honeymoons the thing of dreams for many couples.

For the more active couple or people who are looking for experiences, there’s plenty of choice. Hire a vintage Mustang and cruise the wine region of California, take a train across Canada, ski in the best resorts in Europe or backpack around the Far East – whatever you want to do is your perfect honeymoon. This is the perfect excuse to book that trip that you’ve both been dreaming about for years!

European breaks are also hot right now too. You could string together a few city stays, travelling between your chosen locations or stay in one spot and enjoy what’s there. Beach resorts, luxurious sailing holidays in the Med, walking holidays, gourmet getaways and even cruises are all on offer closer to home too.

And let’s not forget the UK too. A British break has lots to offer and if you’ve got a four-legged fur-baby to consider, somewhere like the Lake District or Cornwall could be perfect. Book yourselves a fantastic holiday cottage and you’ll all have a wonderful time.


artistic and wildlife honeymoons, Brazil honeymoon, images by destination wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photgoraphy


Things you need to know

We’ve said there are no rules when it comes to honeymoons and that’s absolutely true. However, like booking any holiday, you do need to get organised and this probably isn’t the time to try and bag a late deal – your honeymoon needs to be special.

Here are a few things you need to know to make sure you get the perfect post-wedding getaway:

  • Set your budget – we know you’ve probably had enough of that word but as this really is the only thing that governs what you can do for your honeymoon, it needs to be set early on
  • Decide on your location – easier said than done we know but deciding on your honeymoon destination has to be one of the best bits of wedding planning!
  • Get booking – flights and hotels need to get booked up as soon as possible, especially if you’re using frequent flyer or hotel reward points.
  • Check your documents – make sure that your passport is in date, that you’ve applied for visa and you’ve got your insurance all in place in plenty of time.
  • Book experiences – if you know you want to dine at a Michelin starred restaurant or swim with dolphins, get this booked well in advance.
  • Pack – obviously you don’t actually need to do this until just before you travel but mentally get packed sometime before and check that you have everything you need. If not, hit the shops!
  • Confirm, confirm, confirm! – Don’t forget to confirm all your reservations before you travel, for your own peace of mind if nothing else!


And there we have it – a quick guide to set you on the path to your perfect honeymoon. We’ll be sharing so much more this month so don’t miss the next part of our journey!

Until next time,

Amanda x


Images from our own honeymoon in Brazil in 2014!