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My love-hate relationship with Pinterest


For someone as visual and organised as me, I love pinterest. As a bride it was great to see what trends were out there, look for the latest DIY tutorials and generally just to have a nosey. It’s the same for my day-to-day life, I have all sorts of recipes and homewares pinned for reference, in fact I probably need several houses over to be able to accommodate all the ideas I have collected over the last couple of years.

Even as a photographer, I have found it insanely useful to curate inspiration for styled shoots and to share that with the fantastic teams of wedding vendors I work with. However, there is a fine line between my love for pinterest and my despair! I know that sounds drastic, but as all photographers will tell you, we have our vision and style. It’s our art that presumably brings couples to our site, to book us and want to share their wedding day with us. So it can be confusing to then be sent a request to join a couple’s board of “must have wedding shots”. We love that you are excited about your photography and that you are giving it a lot of thought, but at the same time surely you don’t want us to blindly copy another person’s wedding? I’m all for finding inspiration from other’s and the world around us, but it doesn’t sit right directly copying someone else’s work.

Amanda Karen Photogarphy pinterest page

In the mastermind group I am part of, we were discussing this very issue as many of us have this love hate relationship with Pinterest, and I can’t for the life of me remember who posted the quote, or where it came from but it summed it up for me perfectly…

Have the wedding that other's want to pin - Amanda Karen Photography

How great is that? Stay true to yourself, yes by all means use Pinterest for inspiration, but ultimately it’s your day and what better way to represent you two as a couple than to be inspired by the things you love. Be it travel, hobbies, food, colours, whatever you love, that should be your wedding style. And we will thrive on that, and create images that are all about you and your day based on our style, how amazing would that look!

Amanda x