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Stress free wedding planning – the morning of the wedding


OK, here we are at possibly one of the most exciting moments of your life – it’s the morning of your wedding! It’s the day that you’ve spent months thinking about and planning for and now it’s upon you! To make sure that your last few hours as a single woman are simply brilliant, here’s my guide to making sure it’s memorable, wonderful and the perfect start to your perfect day…

The first thing I want to say about the morning of your wedding is that there’s no ‘right’ way to spend it. Some brides love to get up and get involved, maybe even setting up tables and decorations, some like to create a really calm and relaxed environment and some like more of a party atmosphere. Whatever suits you best is the right thing to do so if you want to start the day with a swim or a run, do it. If you’d like to lounge around with your bridesmaids and a bottle or two of bubbly over breakfast, that’s fantastic too.


The morning of the wedding


All that said, the hours will slip by on the morning of your wedding faster than you would have thought possible so it’s really important that someone (a reliable bridesmaid or your Mum) is keeping an eye on the clock. Always aim to finish getting ready with half an hour to spare so you’ve got time for photos and it’s also a good idea to allow a little extra time for things like getting dressed so you’re not under any time pressure.

Creating a ‘running order’ for the morning of the wedding is another great idea, especially if you and your bridesmaids are sharing a bathroom or if a hair and make-up artist is arriving to look after you all. This will make sure that everyone knows when they’re needed and you can relax on the morning of the wedding without making too many decisions or wondering if you’re ever going to be able to get in the shower!

With so many people getting ready in one space, your beautiful room can easily become both busy and a little bit messy. Try to keep at least one space clear and tidy for photos because even I can’t make clutter look good in the background of bridal photos! It can also be a good idea to ask for some extra mirrors and extension leads in your bridal prep room so anyone charging phones or using hairdryers has a socket of their very own!

This one if incredibly important – don’t forget to eat! I know that might sound absolutely crazy but with so much going on (and, possibly, with the nerves and emotions kicking in), it’s easy to forget breakfast and even lunch if you’re marrying later in the day. Make sure that there’s plenty to graze on during the morning so you’re not horribly hungry later in the day.


Pretty bridesmaid robes to wear on the morning of the wedding


I see more and more brides and maids wearing beautiful robes on the morning of the wedding and I have to admit that these look great in photos plus they also make a fabulous keepsake for everyone.  I particularly love these ones from BHLDN. Whether or not you’re wearing robes, it is best to choose something that you can remove without having to pull over your head so a shirt or similar works perfectly. You won’t want to ruin your hair and make-up and it might be wise to go without your bra, tight jeans or socks on the morning of the wedding to avoid any marks on your skin.

Lastly, give your mobile phone to a bridesmaid. If suppliers need to get in touch, let her take the calls and deal with things on your behalf. Don’t panic that you’re going to miss and important message because I’m sure your best friend would tell you and beyond that, all you need to do is have a once-in-a-lifetime morning with your best friends to get ready for your wedding.

Until next time,

Amanda x