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The month of May is all about your wedding flowers

And welcome to May! As this month is such a beautiful one, it seems only fitting that for the next few weeks here on the blog, we’re going to be focusing on all things floral. I just love flowers – they really can bring a wedding to life and they’re always so beautiful. Gorgeous blooms always attract plenty of attention! If you’re planning your floral scheme or just starting to think about wedding flowers then this advice feature is here to help…


foliage and white blooms make for beautiful wedding flowers. London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography


Your wedding flowers

The first element in deciding on your wedding flowers isn’t, I have to say, the most fun but it really is the most important. From the outset, it’s absolutely critical that you know what your floral budget is. This will determine the florists that you contact, the designs and arrangements that you can order and even the types of flowers that you can include in your wedding day. Always be totally up front about your budget with florists so they can give you the best advice possible and try to come up with plans and quotes that will work for you.


hang your wedding flowers above tables. London wedding photography, Amanda Karen Photography


The first steps to inspiration

Once you’ve got your budget agreed, it’s probably time to hit Pinterest! Start yourself a wedding flowers board that you can share with florists and pin things to it that will suit your vision for your wedding day. When you’re searching for images, it’s a good idea to include the season you’re marrying in as part of the search term. This will mean that you’re not falling in love with summer flowers when you’re getting married in the middle of winter! Also search for specific arrangements and bouquets that will match your wedding theme.

If you get a little carried away pinning, do revisit your board before you send it to your florist or ahead of any meetings about your wedding flowers. You might find that you’ve refined your ideas over time or your likes might even have changed. A little bit of editing can make life so much easier (and less confusing!) for your florist!


hanging florals for wedding flowers, London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography


Working with a wedding florist

The best advice that I can give you here is really to work with someone that you really trust. In an ideal world, you’d trust your florist so much that you’d only need to give them a vague brief for your wedding. They’d then have free reign to design things to suit you, your budget, the venue and the season. If you’re able to work like this, you’re often able to get more flowers for your budget because your florist will be able to buy the best value, best quality flowers at market rather than having to stick to the varieties that you’ve asked for even though they might be more expensive than expected.

Other than that, working with a florist is like working with any wedding supplier. Check through quotes and paperwork carefully before you sign and ask questions about anything that’s not clear. Communicate openly and honestly about your likes and dislikes and respect your florist’s creative integrity. Every florist I’ve ever met LOVES flowers so they always want to give you the very best. So relax and look forward to your wedding day knowing that it’s going to look blooming brilliant!

Until next time,

Amanda x

mixed metals and small blooms for wedding flowers. London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography

Flowers within this post were created by the super talented Emma Soulsby Flowers