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A Modern Bride’s Guide To Wedding DIY


With wedding season in full swing, I can certainly say that I’m in absolute awe of the couples that I’m lucky enough to work with every weekend. As a wedding photographer, I can really appreciate the amount of effort and hard work so many brides put into making and creating details for their wedding. But, how can you bring a bit of DIY to your big day if you’ve not got a crafty bone in your body? What else can you do if making metres of bunting isn’t your thing? Read on for my modern bride’s guide to wedding DIY…


Modern girl's guide to wedding DIY


Firstly, you need to be super realistic about your skills and the amount of time that you have. There’s no quicker way to pre-wedding stress than giving yourself too much to do and not even enjoying yourself along the way. If you’re not a crafty lass, then embrace that fact. No-one will be judging you if you don’t make your own wedding dress or bake a showstopper of a wedding cake and trust me, there are plenty of other things that you can do that don’t involve intricate crafts and a fully kitted out workroom.

Also, be realistic about your wedding style. Yes, wrapping lace around jam jars is a great and incredibly effective wedding craft and it’s great if it works with your style. If you’re more of a chic and sophisticated bride or a colour-loving couple than a rustic lover or boho babe but you still want to flex those creative muscles in one way or another, go for it – just be sure that whatever you’re putting your time and effort into will work for you.


Lots of metalic details for wedding DIY


When you’re looking for inspiration that suits your styles, the Internet is most definitely your friend. The brilliant Bespoke Bride for example is all about vivid colour and modern weddings whilst the American guru Martha Stewart has a much more classic style. Ruffled has a really on-trend DIY section but Offbeat Bride is, well, more offbeat! These sites are all full of DIYs so find your own go-to guide and then browse the projects. Most of the major wedding blogs have DIY sections so hit the search button and see what’s out there.

Printables are also your new BFF when it comes to wedding DIY – these amazingly cool templates allow you to tweak and personalise the design before printing the finished product yourself. Etsy is a great source of customisable printables and you can easily add your own embellishments without having to design and create the whole project yourself. In short, you grab all the glory for a fraction of the work – win!


Grow your own wedding flowers for wedding DIY advice


Also, there’s way more to wedding DIY than you might think. I absolutely adore the book Grow You Own Wedding Flowers and love the guides in there but, if you know that you’re not a green-fingered gal, this might not be for you. However, you can always come up with something – how about creating your own signature cocktails for example or putting together fun packs for your mini-guests? It’s all wedding DIY!

So, if you might now be thinking that a modern take on wedding DIY could be for you after all, here are ten great (and really easy!) projects to take a look at from some of my favourite sources…

  1. Confetti Bags
  2. Glam Metallic Details
  3. Geometric Wall Decor
  4. Paper Punch Backdrop
  5. Confetti Poppers
  6. Passionfruit & Strawberry Mojitos
  7. True Love Flower Napkins
  8. Gold Brushed Balloons
  9. Edged Wedding Stationery
  10. Flag Cake Toppers & Straws


Garden blooms for your wedding DIY


See, wedding DIY just got a whole lot cooler and so achievable, you might just find yourself bitten by the crafting bug after all. In a totally modern bride way of course!

Until next time,

Amanda x