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A midsummer sling cocktail


So we’re into July and to be honest I’m a little bit disappointed with summer so far, or the lack of it!  But it feels like the sunshine is trying to peek through this week so I’m hoping that summer may arrive soon.  To celebrate we’re sharing another gorgeous cocktail from Drinks Fusion… introducing the midsummer sling cocktail.

The midsummer sling is a long refreshing blend inspired by the Nordic midsummer season, made with OP Andersson aquavit from Sweden, home made Elderflower and Riesling cordial, citrus juice, arctic lingonberry and bilberry liqueur, seasoned with pine buds and lemon balm.  It’s then served long over ice charged with Dr Polidor dry tonic water and garnished with mint, rhubarb and summer berries.


Midsummer sling cocktail


How to make a midsummer sling cocktail

Glass:  Collins Glass


Slice a long strip of rhubarb using a potato peeler, put in to the glass ensuring it covers the inside like a twist, leaving a small piece hanging over the glass edge.

Fill the glass with ice

Add all ingredients and stir before adding garnishes


Drinks Fusion midsummer sling cocktail



  • 40ml OP Andersson Aquavit
  • 25ml fresh lemon juice
  • 20ml Homemade Elderflower and Riesling Cordial – to make this, just follow any classic recipe for Elderflower cordial but add 1/4 of dry Riesling instead of water, and let the alcohol boil off
  • 3ml Mette’ Bourgeons de Sapin (liqueur made from pine buds) make sure you use a drip bottle to dispense this as it’s very potent and too much can over power the drink.
  • 12,5ml Lingonberry liqueur
  • 12,5ml Bilberry liqueur
  • 2 thinly sliced strawberries or Pinebrries if they are available
  • A long strip of rhubarb
  • 4-6 leafs of lemon balm


Sprig of mint or lemon balm and summer berries

Where to shop:

The alcohol here was bought from Amathus Drinks.

Until next time,

Amanda x