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Keeping fresh flowers alive for longer


I don’t normally blog on a weekend, but after talking to Kerry, the lady responsible for buying flowers for Bloom and Wild this week at the Etsy Christmas Showcase I had to share her top five tips on keeping fresh flowers alive for longer! (and yes it’s early to be thinking about Christmas but trust me there were lots of great finds that were for all year round, you can see it them over on Instagram).


Green and white blooms after being shown how to keep fresh flowers alive for longer


Top tips for keeping fresh flowers alive for longer

  1. Keep flowers in a cool slightly darker place, direct sunlight does not make your flowers happy
  2. Always use the flower food that comes with the bunch. Apparently whilst this doesn’t necessarily feed your flowers, it does keep the water cleaner and it’s the bacteria that stop your lovely flowers from being able to drink
  3. Always cut the stems on the diagonal and re-trim them every few days
  4. Clear off any greenery or leaves from the stems that will be submerged in the water, again, this stops that nasty bacteria
  5. Refresh the water every few days, not only does this keep the water clean, let’s face it no one likes seeing grimy green water in their vase

So now you know how to keep your fresh flowers alive for longer!  I’ll be using all of these tips from now on as I love having flowers in the house.  And whilst this isn’t a sponsored post for Bloom and Wild, I am quite a fan…  They are basically a postal flower service and the box fits through your letterbox!


Bloom and Wild share their tips on keeping fresh flowers alive for longer


It’s a great way to receive flowers and also to send them to friends and family, in fact my Nanna managed to get six weeks out of her bouquet (she must have already known the tips above!) They also let you save occasions on your profile so you can get a handy reminder of someone’s birthday.


Tropical blooms and how to keep fresh flowers alive for longer


Until next time,

Amanda x