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Hutch’s Happy Hour – The Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Round-Up

It’s Amanda this month, hijacking Hutch’s Happy Hour!

We’re a couple of weeks into the new year and I know a few people are still persevering with Dry January, so we thought we’d do a round up of the cocktails that we’ve featured before, but how you can make them as non-alcoholic versions.

If you’ve tuned into any of the Hutch’s Happy Hour Lives over the last few months, you’ll have heard us mention the non-alcoholic spirits we use, namely Lyres Spirits.  Now, we’re not in anyway linked or affiliated with them, they just have a great selection of alternatives and I’m a sucker for packaging and their labeling is cool.  We’ve also used ISH Spirits too, who have a really great non-alcoholic white rum and gin.

So here goes, we’ve split them into tastes rather than the alcohol they are substituting as it makes more sense then for those who have never drunk and don’t know if they like a whisky or rum cocktail!

Fruity non-alcoholic cocktails - Kalahari Cooler, Hurricane and Strawberry Daiquiri. Images by London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography

Fruity mocktail options

  • Kalahari Cooler: this is fruity but super refreshing, and actually started life as a non-alcoholic juice, so quite simply you can just take the rum out of this one and it’s how it was first served to us on holiday.  You can add the non-alcoholic rum to it, but it’s not really needed.
  • The Hurricane: all the tropical and summery flavours are here.  For this one, substitute the light and dark rum with the Lyres Spirits alternatives.  Also, when buying Grenadine, make sure you go for the 0% alcohol one as on looking online some can be low alcohol at about 3.5%.
  • Strawberry Daiquiri – this recipe is for a frozen one, but if that’s too cold for your liking then you don’t need to blend with ice.  Substitute the rum for RumISH or the Lyres alternative, and the Lyres Orange Sec should be a good substitute for the Grand Marnier, or just combine the quantities of rum and Grand Marnier and swap with just the non-alcoholic rum.
Refreshing and zingy non-alcoholic cocktails - clockwise from top left we have an Old Fashioned, Jam Quarantini, Blushing Virgin GnT, Azec in New York, Boston Sour and Dark 'n' Stormy.  Images taken by London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography

A little more zingy or refreshing

  • The Jam Quarantini – right back at the start of Covid, this cocktail (and it’s variations in flavours) was created based on what could potentially be at home without having to venture to the supermarket.  So there are plenty of combinations in there and I’ve classed it as zingy, as a lot of the combos have some form of citrus fruit.  For these, simply substitute the alcohol for any of the spirit alternatives (this is where Lyres works well as they have a few options!)
  • Blushing Virgin G ‘n’ T – this was created especially as part of Dry January last year using GinISH
  • Aztec in New York – inspired by the Manhattan, this was one of Hutch’s first outright creations in the kitchen (“home bar”) and can be made perfectly using Lyres American Malt and Aperetif Rosso instead of bourbon and vermouth.
  • Boston Gin – like a whisky sour, but with gin.  In fact, this recipe is also vegan friendly as it uses aquafaba rather than the traditional egg white.  Simply swap the gin for a non-alcoholic gin alternative.
  • Dark ‘n’ Stormy – Caribbean vibes for this one, perfect to help us think of warmer times in the throws of the January cold.  The Lyres Dark Cane Spirit is the substitution here for the dark rum.
  • The Old Fashioned – the drink that started Hutch’s Happy Hour!  A simple swap from whisky to the Lyres American Malt and you have a non-alcoholic take on a classic and Hutchinson favourite.
Creamy, tea or coffee inspired non-alcoholic cocktails.  From left to right - Earl G 'n' Tea, Dominican Milk, Espresso Martini and Coco Chanel.  Images taken by London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography

Tea, coffee or creamy drink lovers

  • The Earl G ‘n’ Tea – this one was created for a baby shower we hosted many moons ago, and so purposefully had to work as both alcoholic and non alcoholic.  It’s a really refreshing drink and as non gin lover, still very tasty!  Substitute the gin for non-alcoholic gin, such as Lyres Spirits, GinISH or Seedlip
  • Dominican Milk Cooler – another one created especially for Dry January 2020 using RumISH!
  • Espresso Martini – a firm fave in our house!  This is made using Lyres Cane Spirit and Coffee Originale and is very yummy!
  • Coco Chanel – like an espresso martini in that is has coffee notes, but has the more fragrant tastes of gin rather than vodka, and much creamier!  Again, this is one that can be made vegan by using a plant-based cream and for the alcohol use a gin alternative and Lyres Coffee Originale

As the repertoire of Hutch’s Happy Hour grows, we’ll add the recipes to this list, so bookmark it and pop back each month to see the list grow.  And don’t forget you can join us on the last Friday of the month for Hutch’s Happy Hour Live and tag us on Instagram when you make your mocktails or cocktails.

See you soon,

Amanda x