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Hutch’s Happy Hour – Refreshing watermelon cocktail

About 11 months ago Amanda and I went on holiday, you know that thing we used to do where we freely travelled (almost) anywhere in the world, to Majorca. It was one of those trips with no agenda, no obligatory touristy places to go or things to see; just get away and chill out.

The reason I am telling you about this now rather distant memory is that it was on this holiday we discovered the cocktail I’m about to introduce to you. We were staying just a short stroll from the beach in Port de Sóller, a quiet little town on the coast, at the Bikini Island & Mountain hotel. Now, those that know me well will know that sitting by a pool or on the beach doing nothing is not an activity I’m accustomed to. I would rather be splashing around in the pool or playing games on the beach; but to my surprise, I managed to put in some solid shifts on the sun loungers by the pool.

The hotel had a poolside bar serving food and drinks throughout the day and it was here we discovered the Kalahari Cooler. This, along with their loaded sweet potato fries smothered in guacamole and on my part some ice-cold beers, was all we consumed between breakfast and dinner. We only stopped then because the poolside bar closed at 6pm. With the happy hour in mind, it seemed a no brainer to me that the addition of a little rum would turn this drink in to a refreshing summertime watermelon cocktail.

Hutch's Happy Hour, watermelon cocktail with rum and mint, served over ice

Kalahari Cooler Ingredients

  • 30ml Light rum [Hutch recommends – Diplomatica Planas]
  • 175ml Watermelon juice
  • 50ml Pear juice
  • Handful of fresh mint

Alcohol Free variation – You can omit the rum completely for a delicious non-alcoholic version, as served at the Bikini Island & Mountain hotel.  

Tip #1 – If you own a juicer then 1 pear and a chunk of watermelon (skin cut off) about 3 times the size of your pear will produce double the quantity of juice described above.

How to make this delicious watermelon cocktail

  • Scrunch the mint up in your hands and place in a mixing glass with a small amount of crushed ice.
  • Add the rum and muddle everything together
  • Pour in both juices and stir
  • Strain into an ice filled tumbler and garnish with a couple of mint leaves

Juicing – if using a juicer then, if like ours, you will be able to just stick all ingredients through the juicer, give it a quick stir before pouring in to your ice filled glass. However, please check your product manual as I believe some juicers may not do too well with leafy ingredients like mint. 



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Kalahari Cooler, a watermelon cocktail for Hutch's Happy Hour