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Hutch’s Happy Hour – Boston Gin Cocktail

Summers around the corner and I can’t wait to finish the garden work, dust of the BBQ and fire up the smoker for, hopefully, a long season of al fresco dining! With our anniversary BBQ party in its second year and happening at the end of June, what better occasion could there be to inspire my next cocktail creation. There was an obvious choice cocktail which actually relates to our anniversary (well specifically our honeymoon) but that’s being saved for Junes blog post to coincide with the weekend itself.

Instead, I’m treating all those gin lovers out there to the second of my gin-based concoctions. This time, with chilled out summer vibes in mind, one I’ve created myself…Having lured a couple  friends over for dinner and a night of cocktail tasting and Bohemian Rhapsody earlier in the year, this one came out on top, receiving rave reviews…So Dave, you can relax…it’s officially on the drinks menu for our BBQ!




Boston Gin ingredients

  • 2oz Gin (Hutch’s recommendation – LoneWolf gin)
  • 1oz fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • 0.5oz simple syrup
  • 3tbsp aquafaba


You’re probably asking yourselves, what on earth is aquafaba?!! Well, it’s the liquid you get from tinned chickpeas which turns out to be a great alternative to egg whites in various recipes. That’s right, one for the vegans this month too!!! Whether you’re vegan or not, then why not give it a go. You could even try rustling up some homemade hummus with the leftover chickpeas (you’ll have to find your own recipe there); and please remember to strain the liquid before putting it the cocktail. Nobody wants to be served a drink with bits of chickpea floating in it!


How to make a Boston Gin

  • Fill a cocktail shaker with ice
  • Add all the ingredients and shake vigorously for a minute
  • Strain into a chilled tumbler



The more astute among you may have twigged that this looks like a whiskey sours recipe where the whiskey has been substituted for gin…and you’d be right. That’s exactly what I did, with a few little tweaks to quantities…you’ve got to start somewhere right?

And what’s with the name? Well I assume everyone’s heard of a whiskey sour; some will think of it as having egg white and some will have been thinking, “egg white? in a cocktail?! you mad fool” since I hinted at it being a thing earlier in the post; let alone the thought of substituting it with chickpea water. All I can say is give it a go, egg white or aquafaba, you may surprise yourself!


Hutch's Happy Hour - Gin cocktail with aquafava - London food photographer Amanda Karen Photography


Back to the name. The original whiskey sour recipe appears to date back to the 1860s, with recipes of the time consisting of whiskey, lemon juice and sugar with seltzer (presumably an early form of simple syrup). No egg white…where and when the egg white element was actually added to what many of now know as a whisky sour is subject to some debate, as it appears the case with a lot of cocktails, but it is commonly referenced as being a “Boston sour” when egg white is used. So, I adopted the Boston bit and added Gin; hence Boston Gin…I don’t know if they drink gin in Boston, but if they do, who knows it could be served like this.


Until next time, take it easy.



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