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Hutch’s Happy Hour – Bakewell Bellini Cocktail

It’s always such a nice surprise when we receive gifts from our couples; and one such gift we were recently given was a selection of Bimber Distillery infused vodkas. With Hutch’s Happy Hour in full swing my first thought was inevitably, “what cocktail could I use one of these for?”

Nothing inspired online so it was time to put the thinking cap on…I opted to focus on the cherry infused vodka and it wasn’t long before bakewell tarts came to mind. I mean, who doesn’t love a bakewell tart right?! I know I do, and working with a tried and tested flavour combo is always going to make the experimentation phase a little easier.

So after a Saturday afternoon tinkering with ideas, followed by a confirmatory tasting session at our anniversary BBQ; the Bakewell Bellini was born.




Bakewell Bellini ingredients

  • 15ml Cherry infused vodka (Hutch recommends – Bimber Distillery cherry infused vodka)
  • 15ml Disaronno
  • 15ml Marachino syrup (the syrup maraschino cherries come soaking in)
  • Prosecco


How to make a Bakewell Bellini

  • Pour the vodka, Disaronno and syrup into a champagne flute and stir together
  • Fill the glass with prosecco and enjoy




First things first…whilst Amanda and I both enjoy the recipe above; we were conscious that the vodka does add a bit of a kick which may not be to everyone’s liking for a prosecco based cocktail. We therefore tried it again without the vodka and same measures (15ml) of both Disaronno and syrup; the result was another delicious cocktail probably a little better suited to drinking cold on a hot summers day. So, if you’re after something a little less punchy and on the sweeter side then you can simply omit the vodka.

As Mr Kipling would say (arguably the most famous of cherry bakewell makers), whichever variant you opt for, the Bakewell Bellini is an “exceedingly good” cocktail.

The history of the Bakewell tart is somewhat uncertain, as seems to be the case with a lot of food and drinks dating back before 1900s. One popular version of events suggests the original dessert, invented in the town of Bakewell, was actually a pudding rather than a tart which dates back to 1820. It wasn’t until around 1900 that the flavour combination was formed into the tart more akin to the ones we know today. Unless of course you hail from Derbyshire, Bakewell in particular, where I understand bakeries are churning out the original Bakewell puddings for their customers to this day. As with all great creations, it would appear the pudding was also a complete accident. Created when Mrs Greaves, landlady of The White Horse Inn, left her cook instructions to make a jam tart but turns out the cook went a little off piste. The result being what is popularly known as being the original Bakewell pudding.

There we have it, nearly 200 hundred years after it’s humble accidental beginnings in the small Derbyshire town of Bakewell; the cherry Bakewell has been given a second revamp by yours truly…and this time it’s for adults only.




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