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How To Get Gorgeous Couple Shots At Your Wedding


In my opinion, there’s nothing quite as romantic as a gorgeous couple shot. A radiant bride, a proudly protective groom and more chemistry than is safe in an uncontrolled environment – who can resist? Gorgeous couple shots are sure to be the ones that you have framed in your home and they’ll also be the ones that make you smile day after day, year after year. This week, I’m sharing tips and tricks so that you can be sure of gorgeous couples shots at your wedding.

Firstly, never underestimate the importance of couples shots. Aside from the reasons above, taking a little time out in the craziness of your wedding day is always a good idea. Quite often, the couples photography session is the first time that you’ll get to be alone together on your wedding day without family and friends. It’s always love to see couples realising that the deed is done and they’re now newlyweds!


Couple shots in the beautiful grounds of Florence. Image by Amanda Karen Photography


Not only that but remember that you’ll never have the chance to have photographs quite like this again and it’s an opportunity that I beg you not to miss. Your wedding day couples shots capture a never-to-be-repeated moment in time and that’s something to treasure.

Couples shots are also part of the day that you can really look forward to. We’ll already have totally nailed working the camera at your engagement shoot so your wedding day couples photography is just an extension of this. You know how relaxed the process will be, you know we’ll make you look and feel fabulous and you know that some time away from the wedding buzz, just the two of you, will be just lovely. We promise that there won’t be any awkward forced poses or uncomfortable moments.


Romantic wedding couple shots in the stunning grounds of an Italian castle. Images by Amanda Karen Photography


As photographers, we do understand that creating a workable time schedule for the day is one of the toughest wedding planning tasks out there. If it makes things easier for your timings, we can split your couples photography session into two so that you can have some time in the day (sneaking off when guests are about to be called into dinner can be a good idea as getting everyone seated can take a while!) and then we can also pop out later to get those iconic and unmissable ‘golden hour’ shots. We’re always happy to help and we can cast an eye over your schedule or even work out when ‘golden hour’ will be on your wedding day, all you have to do is ask.


The gardens of That Amazing Place are a stunning place for your wedding couple shots. Image by Amanda Karen Photography

Make the most of your venue setting for your wedding couple shots. Image by Amanda Karen Photography


As part of our service, we’ll try to visit your wedding venue ahead of the big day to scout out the best locations for couples shots but if there’s somewhere you’d love as a backdrop, just say. Similarly, if you know you’d like a print for a certain spot in your house or if you’re planning to use one of your couples shots on a thank you card, do let us know so we can keep this in mind.

These photos really are your ‘showcase images’ so let’s make sure that your couples shots are amazing. Get in touch to arrange your engagement shoot (because that’s where it all starts!) or to enquire about our wedding photography.

Until next time,

Amanda x