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How to choose your wedding album images


Aside from the wedding days themselves, my favourite part about being a wedding photographer is designing wedding albums for couples. They are beautiful pictorial storybooks that tell a love story that’s unique and wonderful. Today, I’m tackling a question that I’m often asked and that’s how to choose the images for your wedding album. So, if you’re at this stage right now or if you’d like to get a jump on the post-wedding planning, then read on…


choosing your wedding album images. By Amanda Karen Photography


You start out on the road to wedding album brilliance online. Once we’ve edited the hundreds of images from your day, we upload everything into a secure online gallery for you and send you a very excitable email giving you the link to view them.

Firstly, spend plenty of time just looking at your images! Don’t make any quick decisions if you don’t want to but, if your instant reaction to some of the images is ‘wow’ then our galleries give you the option to ‘favourite’ those photos that make your heart skip a beat.

Once you’ve looked at all your images several times over (it’s ok, we don’t check to see how many times you access your gallery!) it’s time to start reviewing them with your wedding album in mind. Again, use the ‘favourite’ button to save the photos that you think you might like to include. If there were any moments that were super special to you, save these or select images of guests or details that you won’t want to forget. In short, if you think of your wedding album as a story, which images are crucial to the plot?


choosing your wedding album images. By Amanda Karen Photography


Now, it’s back over to us. Once you’ve made these early choices (and don’t worry, nothing it set in stone yet!), we’ll create mock-up ideas of your album for your design consultation. The draft pages will show you our thoughts on the layouts that work best with the photos that you’ve chosen and we’ll use everything that we know about you to create something that you’ll love.

We’ll then invite you to a design consultation and here; you can choose the actual album itself. We work with Yorkshire based Folio Albums who offer the crème de la crème of fine art wedding albums so you’ll be spoiled for choice! We also look at layouts and you can give us any feedback on the design. We’d also be fibbing if we didn’t admit that the consultation is a great opportunity for us to enjoy a great post-wedding catch-up over a cuppa and a cheeky piece of cake.


choosing your wedding album images. By Amanda Karen Photography


After this get-together, we’ll make any final tweaks to the design of the album and then send you the final proofs. After you give this your stamp of approval, your wedding album is ready to be printed, bound and then delivered to you with our love and best wishes.

Choosing the images for your wedding album can seem like a tricky task, especially when there are so many that you love. The best wedding albums tell the story of your day so brilliantly that if someone who doesn’t know you picked up your album, they’d be able to get a real sense of who you are. Choose images that you love and you won’t go wrong.

Of course, there are more things that can be done with your wedding photos in addition to your album and I’ll soon be posting a feature looking at all the ways that you can display your images in your home.

Until next time,

Amanda x