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Having a home engagement shoot – tips and advice

It’s no secret that I LOVE engagement shoots. It’s great to spend more time with our couples and there are just so many benefits to having a little trial run in front of the camera before your wedding day. I also think that the images you receive to celebrate this special time in your lives are very important too. So, when you’re planning your engagement shoot, where should you hold it? Today, I’m talking about having a home engagement shoot, so, don’t miss this if you’re trying to choose a backdrop for your photos.


a home engagement shoot, having fun in the garden, images by Amanda Karen Photography


Should you have an engagement shoot at home?

A home engagement shoot is becoming more and more popular. The trend for ‘at home’ images is easy to understand – we all feel super comfortable in our home space. Yes, those engagement shoots with epic backgrounds look amazing but if you just know you’ll feel better in an environment you know, home shoots are the best.

And, if you really love your home and everything about it, why not capture that too? It might be that you’ve just renovated somewhere or have a really cute garden that would look ace in your images. You could have an adored pet or young children to include and if they feel easier at home, then a home shoot is perfect. Alternatively, you might want to be a bit daring for your shoot and that’s definitely easier in private!

Whatever you do, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you need a stunning home for a home shoot either. Your photographer will be able to come up with some ideas and locations that will give you the best possible images, whatever your home is like.

So, should you have an engagement shoot at home? Well, the simple answer is yes if you want to. This is your shoot, your time together and your experience. Choose the location that’s right for you and if you want your engagement shoot at home, then that’s what you should have!


Chilling out in your new home, a home engagement shoot, images by Amanda Karen Photography


Tips for your home engagement shoot

If you’ve decided to hold your engagement shoot at home, here are a few tips that should make the whole process even more memorable:

  • Spend some time finding the right location (or locations!) in your home for the style of images that you want. If you’re looking for cosy, cuddly photos, avoid the kitchen if it’s stark and modern and instead, find the space that fits with your vibe.
  • Also, look for the rooms with the best natural light and, if you’re not sure what would work, ask your photographer.
  • Think about the background. Don’t be afraid to move key items around so that your favourite things will be in your photos but remember that the images are all about you, not about all the props and decorative details.
  • Remember that you can move! If you want to take shots with a few different backgrounds so that you get photos in a range of styles, you absolutely can.
  • It goes without saying that a tidy background is essential so a bit of pre-shoot cleaning is essential!
  • Trust your photographer. It might feel a little awkward to start with having someone in your home taking photos of you both but just concentrate on each other, have some fun and any nerves or inhibitions will soon disappear.
  • Just be yourself. One of the best things about having your engagement shoot at home is that you’re in a space you know and love. If you want to be silly or sensual, it’s totally up to you.


a home engagement shoot, having fun in the garden, images by Amanda Karen Photography


If you’d like to talk to us about your own home engagement shoot (or an engagement shoot anywhere), just get in touch! You’ll also find lots more photography advice in The Wedding Lounge.

Until next time,

Amanda x