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Hen and Stag do ideas – things to think about


Ah, the infamous hen and stag do! The traditional pre-wedding shindig that was always best forgotten or impossible to remember! Now, of course, your options are endless and the thought of the ‘do’ isn’t as scary as it once was. Whatever you’re organising and however you’ll be celebrating, there are a few things to think about to make sure your hen or stag goes down in history for all the right reasons…



Deciding on a date for your hen/stag is probably the first thing to think about. It might be that some dates are just not possible (teachers for example might struggle with term-time celebrations!) but it’s highly likely that someone, at some point, is just going to have to make a decision! You could create a Doodle poll to canvas opinions but it’s worth keeping in mind that it’s nigh on impossible to make everyone happy.

Once you’ve chosen the date, let everyone know as soon as possible (with approximate costs – see below!) so that they can book time of work, arrange childcare, save up or just start getting excited!


Hen and stag do ideas and advice. Image by Amanda Karen Photography



It does seem that right now, nowhere is off limits for hen/stag celebrations. However, the further you go and the longer you go for, the higher the cost is likely to be and, as much as some people want to celebrate with you, they simply might not be able to afford the party. Ultimately, you know your guests best so try and go for a destination that as many of your friends as possible will love.



Ah, what to do on your hen or stag! It used to be so simple – a boozy night out with a club, optional stripper and essential accessories and embarrassment. Now, the range of activities is literally endless. Some groups head off into the wild for a weekend of glamping or more active camping, some indulge at a luxurious hotel, some hire a cottage and plan lots of local activities, some opt for a refined and intimate meal in a glam restaurant and some spend a long weekend on a beach or culture-vulturing around a European city. Whatever you’d like to do is possible but, if you’re concerned that you’re going to end up with a party that you don’t want, make sure you appoint an organiser you trust…



Firstly, let’s look at the person who’s charged with making your hen or stag a massive success and that’s your chosen organiser. Quite often, this is a bridesmaid or best man but there’s absolutely no reason why it couldn’t be someone else – after all, your best mate might be brilliant but she might not be blessed when it comes to all things admin. Choose someone you trust and someone who’ll get on with everyone you’re going to invite. Also, do be sure to ask them if they’ll help you out and don’t assume that everyone has the time to take on what can be a big task.

Once you’ve got your organiser ready, you can turn your attention to the guest list. Of course, your friends should be on the list and close female relations but, depending on what you’re doing and your circumstances, there’s no reason why younger guests can’t join you for at least part of the day. It’s nice to include children or stepchildren if you can, especially as it means they’ll know more people come the wedding day, and they don’t have to stay for the whole bash if certain elements are unlikely to be suitable for younger eyes!


Hen and stag do ideas and advice. Image by Amanda Karen Photography



If, after you’ve chosen the right organiser, the right guests, the right location and the right activities on the right date, you’re still worried about something, don’t be afraid to set a few ground-rules for the event if this makes you feel calmer. Some parties insist on a ‘no phones’ rule so there’s no chance of less than flattering pics finding their way online for example so if something’s bothering you, try to find a way to fix it. You should really be looking forward to your hen or stag party so make it what you want it to be and it’s bound to be brilliant.

Until next time,

Amanda x