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For the Groom: Rule your wedding photos like a Prince

If there’s a couple that are used to having their photos taken, it’s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Forever in front of the cameras, their upcoming wedding day will be no exception. But just like every bride and groom, they’ll want their wedding photos to be something special and, whilst there’s a whole host of information available to help the bride look great, the groom is often forgotten. Until now. So, with one eye on the Royal wedding and one eye on every other groom out there, here’s how to rule your wedding photos like a prince…


Groom photography, groom in black tie, image by London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography


As a groom, think about your personality…

You might be just fine snapping a selfie, but having a professional photographer by your side on such a big day is another thing entirely. If you’re nervous, self-conscious or just a little worried about posing for photos, talk to your photographer. They’ll have a whole range of ideas and tips for you so get in touch with them for expert advice.

For lots of guys, the prospect of being romantic in front of the camera can make them nervous. Prince Harry has been snapped getting up to all manner of things but loved-up poses haven’t really been in his repertoire until now. To be able to really show your feelings, it’s important to get comfortable around the camera and there are ways that you can do this.

Firstly, just as Prince Harry and Meghan did, try and arrange an engagement or pre-wedding shoot with your photographer. This gives you the perfect opportunity to practice being photographed without the pressure of the day or the interest of all your guests! Spending some more time with your photographer will help you trust them and you’ll learn to take their direction. These shoots can also give you the chance to try out a few relaxed poses before the wedding.

Whilst we’re on the subject of posing, don’t worry that your photographer is going to talk you into anything too weird and wonderful. Instead, any ‘posing’ should be designed to make you look, and feel your best. Going for strong, confident stances rather than softer, feminine poses will help you relax and look great too.

It can really help a less-than-confident groom if the majority of the photographic attention is focused on the bride. Now I’m not suggested that the guys skip the photographs altogether but there are plenty of couple’s shots where it’s the bride that’s the major talking point in the image. If you want to take a look at some examples, just get yourself onto Google or Pinterest and don’t be afraid to send one or two images that you like to your photographer. Again, communication is key.


Groom photography, groom in black tie, image by London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography


And relax…

You might actually find that as you settle into your wedding and engagement shoots, you become a lot more comfortable. Your photographer should absolutely be able to pick up on this and they’ll start to put a little more focus on you or suggest different things. Be brave and go with as many of their suggestions as possible. You might surprise yourself!

Until next time,

Amanda x