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Groom wedding advice – where to start…

The groom. He’s one of the two most important people at a wedding but also one of the most ignored. Pick up any wedding magazine or click onto any wedding blog and you’ll find feature after feature dedicated to brides but so few addressed to the guys. Well, we’re changing that this month because the next few weeks are all about the men and we’re starting with our top tips for grooms…

Now guys, whatever you’ve read and whatever your friends might tell you, there’s more to your big day than being on time, remembering the ring and saying yes at the right moment. The whole wedding planning world might be geared towards the bride but there are loads of ways that you can get involved and you absolutely should. There’s a lot to do, a lot to think about and a lot to decide and it’s your day too. Get involved!

Anyway, here’s our groom wedding advice that might just make the whole wedding planning process so much more enjoyable…


Pocket watch on gold mirror and bow tie. Groom wedding advice. Image by Amanda Karen Photography, Essex wedding photography


Start with a conversation

It’s easy to feel that you’re way behind the wedding planning curve before you’ve even started, especially if your partner has been reading blogs, pinning ideas and buying wedding magazines. So, get started with a conversation. Find out what she’s thinking, where she’s got to and what she needs from you. Offer help and be prepared to take responsibility for some of the jobs on the to-do list. What are you interested in? What are you good at and what can you bring to the wedding planning process? Yes, you might not have the creative urge to make 100+ wedding favours but if you’re a demon with a spreadsheet and love checking terms and conditions, there’s definitely things you can do to help.


Choose carefully

For sure you’ve got great mates who’ve been by your side for years but before you promote one to the lofty heights of best man, just think a minute. He might be a great laugh on a night out but are you sure you can trust him with rings, responsibility, speeches and wedding day diplomacy? A great best man will help you out and make you look even better so that’s a double win right there.


Black tie wedding suit at Dead Dolls House wedding venue. Groom wedding advice. Image by Amanda Karen Photography, Essex wedding photography


Make your own list

A brilliant wedding is basically the result of a brilliant to-do list and when everything’s being checked off on time, you’re good to go. However, you should definitely keep your own list of all the things that you’ve agreed to do (and possibly to remind you of a few surprises that you might want to organise for your partner. That’s a hint. You’re welcome). If you can avoid asking your partner what you’re supposed to be doing and when, you’ll definitely be Mr Popular.


Enjoy it

Yes, you can enjoy planning your wedding. Don’t listen to those doom merchants who tell you that the love of your life will change into an unrecognizable crazed human. With support, perspective and a big dose of empathy, you’ll be just fine.

Until next time,

Amanda x


Antique glass whisky decanters. Groom wedding advice. Image by Amanda Karen Photography, Essex wedding photography