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Groom style – how to decide what to wear to your wedding

We’re continuing our mini-series of features for grooms today with a look at wedding day style for the guys. You’ll be pleased to hear that grooms and groomsmen now have as much outfit choice as the brides and bridesmaids. So if you can’t decide between hired or high street, bought or bespoke, you absolutely need to read on to find out more.


groom style - blue wedding suit with patterned shirt. Images by Amanda Karen Photographer, Essex wedding photographer


First things first

So the first thing to decide is, as with all things wedding, your budget. This will then have an impact on whether you rent your outfit or go all out and buy something special. When you’re working out what you’ve got to spend, don’t forget that there’s more to your wedding day look than just a suit. Think shirt, tie, shoes and accessories too.


What will work with your wedding?

Now the next thing to consider is what will work with the style of your day? A laidback festival style wedding with tipis and food trucks means that a formal look just isn’t going to work so you can strike those morning suits and tuxedos from your list right now. For this kind of day, an informal, even mis-matched look will work. Think tweeds and brogues instead and you’ll be absolutely spot on with your style. A cool city wedding needs a sharp, tailored contemporary style suit while a classically elegant affair requires a suit with a more formal feel. Once you start narrowing down your options, the whole process becomes a lot easier.


groom style - blue wedding suit with patterned shirt. Image by Amanda Karen Photographer, Essex wedding photographer


Groom style – hire and the high street

There’s no denying the fact that hiring is still a really popular option with grooms and over the last few years, the range that’s on offer from the major players has really improved dramatically. For example, Moss Bros. now stocks hire suits in all styles and shapes at really competitive prices. The packages are super flexible too so you can choose to hire just one or two elements or an entire outfit.

The high street has also stepped up its game of late too. The major players in the male fashion market might not offer the range of formal suits that you could hire from specialists but if you’re looking for a great suit to buy then you definitely can’t ignore the high street. The benefits here are that the costs are clear, you can try on a whole range of shapes and sizes and add in shirts and other accessories in store to try out your final look.


Groom style – bespoke and made-to-measure

If you’ve got a good budget to play with or if you just like the thought of using your wedding as the perfect excuse to treat yourself, then a bespoke or made-to-measure suit is the ultimate indulgence for the stylish groom. Choose the exact style and fabrics that you want, have your measurements taken and then wait for your finished suit, tailored precisely for you, to arrive. This is the ultimate in personal luxury and my goodness, these grooms are the definitely make their own stylish statement on the big day.  We highly recommend Alexandra Wood Bespoke for the ultimate experience and dashing suit for your Groom


Groom style - brown shoes on an Italian newspaper. Images by Amanda Karen Photography, destination wedding photographer


Add a personal touch or two

Finally, don’t forget your accessories. Brides are always told that the accessories that they choose to wear bring a big dose of personality to their look and the same is most certainly true for the guys. It might be your shirt, your cufflinks, your shoes or your tie but we’re all for personal expression so go on, be bold and be yourself.

Until next time,

Amanda x