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Gorgeous wedding cake inspiration

You just know it’s going to be a good day when it’s all about cake! And, when the cake in question just happens to be your wedding cake, what could be better? Because this month is all about delicious sweet treats, today we’re going to get inspired by all manner of baked confections. So, it’s time for a slice of yummy goodness right now…

We’ve spoken before about the history of wedding cake but right now, there’s a lot to be excited about. Wedding cakes have never been so personal, so individual or so artistic. The cake has become a real feature of the reception, which is definitely a good thing in our opinion! If you like cake as much as we do or if you’re about to choose your wedding day showstopper, bookmark this post and read on for our wedding cake inspiration…


Wedding cake inspiration - geometric wedding cake. Images by London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography


Current Trends

When it comes to wedding cakes right now, anything goes because cake is all about creativity. We’ve loved the naked and ‘barely there’ icing trends of the last few years and these are still rightly popular. Decorated with fresh flowers, fruits and/or a fabulous cake topper, this style makes a great cake.

Single tier cakes are also big news as are multi-tiered cakes that feature layers of different shapes and heights. This is such an interesting look and gives you loads of creative options. Metallic, hand-painted, embellished and even glitter tiers are some of our favourites.

Lots of cakes are also featuring fabulous embellishments. Ruffled layers of icing, moulded ‘frames’ with monograms… you name it; you can embellish your cake with it. Let your imagination run wild!

Of course, we simply have to mention marble and geode cakes because these really are stunning. Marbled icing is just so elegant and on-trend whilst those spectacular geode cakes are well and truly on the ‘hot’ list at the moment. The geode cake features a crystal-esque filling made of crystallised sugar that’s painted or coloured to your theme. That’s some serious wow factor right there.


Wedding cake inspiration - black and gold wedding cake. Images by London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography



Now you just know we’re going to point you in the direction of Pinterest and this really is a brilliant place to get inspired. All those images from all those real weddings and styled shoots that feature on blogs around the world end up on Pinterest so it’s just a great place to start. Do try to search for something more specific than ‘wedding cake’ otherwise you’ll be pinning for days! We’d recommend including a colour, your wedding theme or details about the cake itself in the search term so you get the best selection of images on that first click.

All the major wedding magazines feature lots of cake on their websites and social feeds so make sure you’re following the mags you love. Once you’ve picked out a few names of cake makers, get social with them too because this is a great way to check out their portfolio and work out if they could be the cake maker for you.

Autumn is always wedding show and wedding fair season so why not get out and about? There are so many shows now that are full of personality with handpicked selections of suppliers and a really inspiring vibe. It’s always good to meet people, especially if you get to talk about cake!


Gold buttercream wedding cake. Wedding cake inspiration. Images by London wedding photographer Amanda Karen Photography


Things To Remember

When you’re planning your wedding cake, here are a few things to keep in mind:


  • If you want to serve your cake as your dessert, the portion sizes might need to vary so speak to your cake maker about this.
  • As with all suppliers, be clear about how much you have to spend with your cake maker from the start. This will make sure that they can present you with designs that will fit your theme and your budget.
  • An intimate wedding can still work a statement cake – think about including dummy tiers to get the style you want without all the cake.
  • Cake makers all have their own styles, just like every other supplier. Choose one whose work suits your vibe.
  • Think flavours! Cake makers now include the most amazing selections of flavours in their repertoires so try as many as you can. Be bold and brave with your selections so your cake will taste as good as it looks.
  • Lastly, please remember to EAT YOUR CAKE!! It’s so easy to forget to sample your yummy cake and you’ll be sad if you don’t. Why not have some sent up to your room for a tasty late night treat?!


Until next time,

Amanda x


Wedding cakes shown: Geometric wedding cake by Little Bear Cakery // Black wedding cake by Lily Vanilli // Gold buttercream wedding cake by Riviera Creme De La Creme