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Family photography and why you should gift your Mum a family shoot

How is it the end of February already!?  This year is flying past at break neck speed, and as we creep into March and the promise of warmer weather and not having to wear a thousand layers just to keep warm, it’s time to start thinking about the special woman in your life…..  Your Mum.

We all know how important our Mum’s are, even if you aren’t living at home and may not talk every day, the minute something happens in your life, good or bad, it’s often your Mum you will turn to.  I know that with my Mum (and Dad), that they will always be there if I need to laugh or cry to, that they will always have the best words of wisdom and the support and love to know that whatever happens, it will be ok.

And like most of you, you probably don’t say this enough, but they really are the best.

But if you look back on your childhood photos, how many of them actually have them in, weren’t they always the ones behind the camera?  It was why, last year I arranged for a family shoot with my parents, sister and our partners, so that for once we were all in the frame.   So, along with Heather Jackson Photography we took to the beach on the Norfolk cost, and she captured images of us that I will treasure forever.


family photography - the Amanda Karen family photographed on the Norfolk Coach by Heather Jackson Photography


It’s this shoot that has cemented in my mind just how important family photography is, and it doesn’t have to be for an occasion (although that is always a great reason), it can just be because perhaps you’ve got a little bit older and the photos you have, don’t represent your life now.  From milestone birthdays, family celebrations, the growth of a family or just because, make sure that you are all captured in those photos.  Don’t look back on photos and wish that there had been some of you all together, book your own family shoot, like we did, and have a laugh and a giggle in your favourite place with those close to you.


Family photography - 4 generations of family in garden by Essex family photographer Amanda Karen PhotographyFamily holiday photography in the rain by Essex family photographer Amanda Karen PhotographyEssex family photography at Hadleigh Castle, images by Essex family photographer Amanda Karen PhotographyFamily photography - Mum and daughter with balloons by Essex family photographer Amanda Karen Photography


Family is important, they are there to support, love and encourage you.  I know I am profoundly lucky to have the family I have, and I am sure you feel the same about yours.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I am dedicating this post to all Mum’s.  Whether you are a son, daughter, father of a small child or husband, give the gift of memories captured.  Contact us today to hear more about our family shoots and gift vouchers.

I can’t wait to hear from you,

Amanda x